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Delia Budurca


Romanian journalist, Reuters Foundation Fellowship. Economic journalist for the Romanian News Agency Agerpres, the daily newspapers Adevarul and Business Standard, editor-in-chief for Medica Academica journal. Prizes for medical-pharmaceutical journalism. Contributor Republica, an online news platform, moderator and producer for a weekly talkshow named “Portret” (the Portrait), with and about “People who inspire us”. Author of two books, “Calatoria” (the Travel) – poetry and “De veghe în lanul de sanatate” (the Catcher in the Health field) – essays.

My mission is to find and spread inspiration to people. My motto is: think.act.inspire.

US Ambassador in Romania ties weakening judiciary with growing Russian influence

The US Ambassador in Romania, Hans Klemm, expressed his “profound concern” over the current parliamentary debates, which could “undermine everything that Romania has done in the last 15-20 years” to counter corruption.
Delia Budurca recommended by Delia Budurca NEWSMAVENS, Romania
12 Dec 2017 Romania

Former King of Romania Mihai I dies aged 96

In communist history books, the Romanian monarchy is not mentioned. The Romanian kings simply didn’t exist. Our parents learned that Stalin was “the Father” of Romania. 
Delia Budurca recommended by Delia Budurca NEWSMAVENS, Romania
8 Dec 2017 Romania

Two-speed spread of computer culture in Romania

Only two thirds of Romanian families have a computer at home. Yet the country boasts one of the top internet speeds in Europe.
Delia Budurca recommended by Delia Budurca NEWSMAVENS, Romania
5 Dec 2017 Romania

96,723 Romanian children have parents who work abroad

Almost 100,000 Romanian children have one parent working abroad, while in 19% of cases both parents have left home to work in another country. Why does Romania rank second in the world in terms of migration?
Delia Budurca recommended by Delia Budurca NEWSMAVENS, Romania
28 Nov 2017 Romania

Romanians resist government's questionable reforms

Thousands of Romanians demonstrated on Sunday evening against plans to impose a package of judiciary laws and to amend the current fiscal code. While the government pretends to emphatize, it seems determined not to steer off course.
Delia Budurca recommended by Delia Budurca NEWSMAVENS, Romania
21 Nov 2017 Romania
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