Pauline Tillmann

Deine Korrespondentin, Germany

Pauline Tillmann (34) is editor-in-chief and CEO of the digital magazine "Deine Korrespondentin".

 From 2011 till 2015 she worked as freelance foreign correspondent in St. Petersburg, Russia, mainly for the German National Public Radio and TV (ARD). After a successful crowdfunding she founded her own media start-up called "Deine Korrespondentin" (Your Correspondent) and launched a website. Basically it is a network of ten female foreign correspondents covering stories about interesting women worldwide, e. g. form France, India and Chile in German and English.

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Deine Korrespondentin
24 Nov 2017
Pauline Tillmann
Pauline Tillmann Deine Korrespondentin, Germany
An uneven bookstack -- gender in literature  - NewsMavens
Deine Korrespondentin
23 Oct 2017
Pauline Tillmann
Pauline Tillmann Deine Korrespondentin, Germany
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Deine Korrespondentin
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