Marian Männi

Eesti Ekspress, Estonia

I'm an Estonian journalist, a traveller, an advocate for justice.

After working and studying in six different countries I returned to my homeland a few years ago. I'm writing for the investigative weekly Eesti Ekspress and co-founded a Baltic media agency

A safe haven for abused children in Estonia - NewsMavens
Eesti Ekspress
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Eesti Ekspress
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Eesti Ekspress
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Eesti Ekspress
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Eesti Ekspress
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Eesti Ekspress
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Eesti Ekspress
Tiny secret taboos: miscarriages invisible in Estonia - NewsMavens
Eesti Ekspress
More Estonian school kids are "healing themselves" with drugs - NewsMavens
Eesti Ekspress
The failure of the MeToo campaign
in Estonia - NewsMavens
Eesti Ekspress
People with dementia are forgotten in Estonia - NewsMavens
Eesti Ekspress
EU will withdraw financial aid from Estonia - NewsMavens
Eesti Ekspress
Estonia is no longer a cheap booze paradise  - NewsMavens
Eesti Ekspress
Estonia's beloved e-government threatened - NewsMavens
Eesti Ekspress
Estonia's ex-PM accused of sexual harassment - NewsMavens
Eesti Ekspress
E-voting for the Estonian Centre Party - NewsMavens
Eesti Ekspress
It pays to be young in Estonia - NewsMavens
Eesti Ekspress
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