9 Best Soundbars For Bedroom In 2021 – Take Your Bed Room To Whole New Level!

It can’t get more personal than your room. 

Also, Googling the best soundbars for bedroom will only get you so far. Start by thinking this is the place where you rest and wake up. Nothing will get as intimate as the sounds inside your personal space.

Don’t get me wrong, choosing sound systems overall feels like a big call. You could think of it as fundamentally picking the soundtrack of your life.

So, yes. If finding the right loudspeaker for your living room, the social part of your life can be a hassle. This special intimate place will require a particular speaker.

Whatever you wish to experience in your bedroom is truly a subjective experience and a matter of personal taste. The intimacy of the sounds that come defines the individuality of the choice you’ll make. 

Best Soundbar For Bedroom In 2021 – Reviews With Guide

1. The YAMAHA YAS-108 – Editor’s Pick

A soundbar where I use my TV’s remote, plays nice with my Amazon Alexa, doesn’t mess my 4K up, and has actually high-quality sound? Yes, please

Yamaha’s known for delivering good sounds across time, and they found the most efficient way to turn your room into an experience.

Immersive Sounds

DTS Virtual:X sound systems are commonly found in loudspeakers for bigger rooms, having Yamaha YAS in your bedroom is definitely a bonus that makes the experience cozier, and I dare say more exciting at the same time.  

Given the size of the room, it can fill up, this soundbar has been designed to do more than just giving your TV a little nudge. 

So now, experience your favorite surround sound quality in your bedroom with this Editor’s Pick Soundbar for you from Yamaha.

Connectivity perks

Connect your Yamaha YAS soundbar to external devices without losing quality. You’ll find HDMI Inputs, digital optical cable, and stereo inputs. If you want to take it to the next level, you always have the option to connect an external sub too. 

You’ll also be able to enhance how your Amazon Alexa and google assistant picks up sound by connecting it to your YAS-108. 

Bass & Voice

When watching TV by optimizing the frequency range of the vocals, the Virtual effect the surrounding system delivers will not turn your dialogues opaque but will captivate the voices and make them even brighter. 

Key features

  • The DTS Virtual:X sound system can fill up the smallest spaces with little power
  • The clear voice & sound modes enhances the dialogues through Yamaha YAS
  • Bedroom-thought, the design of this soundbar has two built-in subwoofers to improve your hearing experience without taking too much space
  • Connectivity is top-notch, it doesn’t only support 4K, but it also likes Alexa way too much
  • Easy setup and mounting thought to be practical and elegant


  • Brand: Yamaha YAS
  • Length: 35 inches 
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: Built-in
  • Connectivity: HDMI inputs, Auxiliary, Bluetooth


  • 6 built-in speakers: tweeters, woofers and subwoofers
  • An immersive surround sound delivery with all the configurations being in the place.
  • Good quality sound for the size and price range of the soundbar
  • Yamaha YAS is a flagship product in the Soundbars category by brand.
  • More than enough power for smaller rooms
  • Clear voice option for not missing out on dialogues when it’s movies-in-bed time


  • If the connection is not extremely stable, it can face ups and downs when streaming resulting in  possible inconsistencies

2. VIZIO SB3820-C6 2.0 – Choice of Intense Sound Lovers

The intensity of sounds you can actually feel. Advanced technology pumps up your bass, creating a profound atmosphere that enhances your experience of sound in a different way. 

The clarity of the sound is never lost because of the minimal amount of harmonic distortion per dB that this soundbar is capable of reproducing. 

Premium Audio 2.0

I don’t see the problem with giving your TV and music a little extra something; in this case premium audio is so much more than power. Yeah, it’s one of the best soundbars for audio enhancement and clarity.

You might be tricked into thinking that the real quality of sound is out of this slim soundbar’s reach. Less than 1% of distortion with 100dB is enough to contradict this theory. 

DTS TruSurround & Volume

What does true even mean? The way the sound spreads around the room will determine how you perceive it. 

Well-balanced volume levels are the key to a truly cinematic experience in your room. This surround system is able to mimic comfortable and organic sounds and create the right atmosphere for movies before bed. 

Integrated Deep Bass

Crystal clear definition will not be lost when the built-in subwoofer boosts the depth of your sounds through innovative technology that doesn’t require external devices and unnecessary connections. 

Deep bass technology and premium audio go hand-in-hand. You will be able to sense the depth of the acoustics at the same time as crystal clear dialogue is delivered to you. 

Now, you might be thinking of asking a question like “Where’s Dolby Atmos Support in this soundbar?” And, we’d like to answer with a short question; “Is it required? Or you want the sound quality that you deserve!”

Key Features

  • The DTS sound system provides virtual surround sound system while also enhancing the volume in a balanced way
  • Audio quality is taken to the next level when the bass and volume powers don’t distort the clarity of the vocals
  • Deep bass for an intense experience with integrated advanced technology meant to deepen the feeling of your lows
  • The reach of the sound makes it also a versatile soundbar to move around the house as it will fill larger rooms as well
  • Minimal distortion of less than 1% of changes in the harmonics per 100dB, so a complete immersive sound experience at your service. 


  • Brand:  VIZIO
  • Length: 38 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: Built-in
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth


  • Well balanced upper and midrange sounds in all volumes
  • Sound quality is capable of beating many so-called best soundbars.
  • Fills up larger rooms without distortion so can be placed elsewhere in the house
  • More input options than average soundbars offer you more flexibility in your connections
  • Simple and quick setup


  • The automatic shutoff function cannot be disabled 
  • Mostly chosen for TV audio enhancing and not music streaming

3. Wohome Sound Bar S88 – People’s Choice

The best soundbar for a smaller room can produce amazing sounds while fitting in the tightest spots. Their designers do think of you. It comes with a wall-mount kit specifically designed for the device. 

This little guy not only gives you multiple control options, but it’s also a 3D surround system that can change the entire sound experience of a big room filling without reaching 1% of clarity distortion.

Compact 3D Sound

How can surround sound be compact?

This is a fairly small soundbar, yet however, it does an amazing job at filling large areas with immersive sound. Its 3 equalizers filter and boost the right frequencies so you don’t miss out on the power nor the clarity of the sound. 

DPS Technology Default Sound Modes

Sound Modes can turn into a nightmare, especially if the first thing you have to do before each movie is going through a list of detailed settings that you probably don’t want to know much about. 

Whether it’s movie time, ambiance music or you’re after crips dialogues; the three default modes can be set accordingly without a struggle. 

And yeah, one thing you’d like to know is this is definitely not like Dolby Atmos, yet you won’t feel like it’s not there in your soundbar as delivery of every bit of surround sound is crisp and crystal clear with its well crafted and designed auto calibration.

Stay in Control

Remote controls are in general taken for granted, so much that it’s an actual treasure hunt to find a good system with a remote that you don’t have to fight with. 

Not only do you have an operating range up to 6m from your device, but you can also use your universal remote and even find an integrated control center on the side of your speaker. 

Well, it’s definitely not better than Yamaha YAS, but, still, it’s nonetheless than that too.

Key Features

  • Multi-range characteristics allow you to have more than twice the usual wireless and wired connections most soundbars feature
  • It comes in a bundle. You get not only a surround system soundbar but a couple of cables and a power adapter so you don’t go out of your way when the time comes for extra connectivity
  • Gaming, movies, and music in smaller places is redefined by the bass tube that reflects the deeper sounds while maintaining voice clarity with minimal distortion 
  • The remote control works flawlessly and the device is universal-remotes-friendly
  • Mounting kit is known to be extremely easy to set up, is one of those systems that have meant to be on your wall


  • Brand: Wohome
  • Length: 20 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: Built-in bass reflecting tube
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB, Auxiliary, RCA, Bluetooth


  • Very simple setup and mounting kit for home included
  • Connects well with different TV’s and plays nice with external add-ons
  • Usually hard to find, but this soundbar’s remote control works flawlessly 
  • Balanced and natural-like sound-enhancing 


  • Bass sounds are very mild if looking for a boosting experience
  • There is no screen on the device for visual volume display 

4. YAMAHA YAS-109 – The Best Soundbar For Bedroom

Astonishing 120W of output power for an all-integrated soundbar doesn’t sound too bad.

If you’re new to Watts and these things, it simply means that you’re getting more than double of the power needed to scatter sound in a large enclosed space. 

More than sound

Most soundbars make a fuss about not only improving your relationship with your TV but also upgrading your music listening experience. 

But, do they get you to bonus subscriptions as well?

Yamaha and Amazon worked closely together on this one. You’ll get a free trial of Amazon’s Music Unlimited as a compliment with your new soundbar. 

Depth & Clarity in one

A sound balance should be a given, this goes beyond it. 

The DTS Virtual:X system (It’s even better than Dolby Atmos Support!) scatters the sound in an even way. It creates a surrounding atmosphere while the built-in subwoofers power up the basses; meanwhile, the clear voice mode makes sure you’re able to hear the slightest whispers coming from your TV. Yeah, Yamaha YAS has a built-in subwoofer system that makes it one of the best soundbars with a subwoofer system

Well, with every configuration in the place, it won’t let you compromise on your surround sound experience expectations. And, that’s a promise!

Alexa perfected

As previously stated, by working with Amazon, this soundbar has taken it a step forward. This only means flawless 24/7 connectivity will give comfort a new perspective. 

Not only will control via voice be smooth, but the directional voice system will ensure Amazon Alexa hears your every request and easy access to managing other smart home systems you might own. 

Key features

  • DTS Virtual:X is the fancy code name used to describe systems that pick frequencies to improve so the enhanced experience takes over the room
  • No other soundbar with integrated virtual assistants can compete with the results of the process behind the built-in Amazon Alexa and google assistant you’ll get when you buy this bar 
  • It’s not too good to be true. Bass can be emotional and deep at which time the voices can be clear as drops of water
  • More than 200% of the power you actually need, this completely integrated device doesn’t need add-ons to room filling
  • Wireless connectivity can be shaky, but this loudspeaker is known to have a rock-solid Bluetooth that allows you to stream without issues


  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Length: 35 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: Built-in
  • Connectivity: HDMI inputs, WiFi, Bluetooth


  • Power sound output that requires minimum volume to room filling
  • Bluetooth connectivity praised for its stability
  • Customizable settings can be adjusted remotely
  • Facilitates user with an immersive surround sound experience.
  • Good overall and balanced sounds without the need of an external sub
  • Voice clarity enhancement even with deeper sounds are boosted
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa


  • Might experience some delays between the remote control and the device’s response
  • Specific smartphone app needed to setup wireless connections

5. Sony ST5000 Dolby Atmos Soundbar – Dolby Digital At Your Service

This sturdy Dolby Atmos soundbar delivers 800W through a sleek and modern design that screams the quality of sound and high-end materials as soon as you open that box. 

This surround system creates environments by delivering powerful acoustics while a centered channel takes care of directing the vocals to you for a clear resonance.

So now, let’s discuss in a bit of depth about Dolby Atmos and its presence; and yeah, we’d also explain the working of Dolby Atmos in this soundbar, so stay tuned!

Compact Multi-channel

You will have a sensorial experience with the 7.1.2ch system, which is a step up from the usual surrounding 5.1 systems. 

In a nutshell, your system is integrated with a couple of extra speakers that will turn moving sounds into an immersive real-life deep dive into your music and movies. I promise you’ve probably never experienced this before. 

Wide Connectivity

Not one, but three HDMI inputs plus an HDMI ARC will take your wire connections to a whole different stage. Not an ounce of quality will be left behind when enhancing your TV experience through these HDMI inputs. 

The wireless connection doesn’t fall behind with its ability to stream HD Bluetooth and a Google Chromecast integrated within the Dolby Atmos Soundbar. 

A Deeper Bass

The richness of the depth this soundbar can deliver is not heard but felt in the rumbling bass that fills the room. 

Although you’ll need the powerful external subwoofer that comes with it to carry that much power, they made sure to keep your room sleek by having a wireless connection to your deep sub. 

And yeah, all this is possible with help of Dolby Atmos, so now, feel every bit of your favorite track with Dolby Atmos on your selected sound bar.

Key features

  • 7.1.2ch Dolby Atmos Technology upgrades how you experience sound by building up the amount  and quality of the sound through multiple integrated satellite speakers
  • Wired or wireless, this Sony bar hands you all the connectivity you could wish for in a loudspeaker on a silver platter
  • An 800W system is strong enough for you to host a small outdoor gathering; try to imagine the power it can bring while resonating inside your room
  • 4K HDR setups are able to connect without the sound losing its sharpness and quality 
  • The external speakers make the movie and gaming experience deeper with its powerful subwoofer box


  • Brand: Sony
  • Length: 46 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: External
  • Connectivity: Built-in Wi Fi along with HDMI Arc for Wired Connectivity


  • Excellent and powerful sound effects in all formats while maintaining voice clarity 
  • Well-crafted sound delivery with Dolby Atmos in place.
  • 360 all-around sound that fits every watching and listening mode you set the device to
  • Multiple HDMI ports connection options
  • You won’t miss out on the quality of your movies, DTS Master Audio and 4K HDR setups pass through seamlessly  


  • If WiFi connection is slightly unstable, you could face interference 
  • Complex resetting, connection setup and configuration process 

6. Denon DHT-S216 Home Theater Soundbar – PowerPacked Performer

Bedroom or private cinema? Both

Every single little perk you could wish for is literally inside this compact soundbar that is able to bring to life a new atmosphere around you. 

This bar takes quality and connectivity to the 5th dimension. It plays nice with others and adjusts to the HD sound your device produces so it can run smoothly. Well yeah, many brands want to label themselves as the best soundbars producer but did they really deserve the place when Denon comes and prove its stand among giants?

Virtual X

This Denon loudspeaker takes sounds and transforms them in cosmic levels. The dimension of your acoustics will maintain the original quality and will be sharply enhanced to make you feel you’re inside a different world

Noteworthy: Deep bass and surrounding audio work at their best without the need for external speakers and amps. 

As we usually state, When you’ve virtual X at your service, you’d have an exact similar or better experience like Dolby Atmos.

Dialogue Enhancer

Dialogues are enhanced by three default equalizing presets to make sure the vocals coming out of your TV don’t get lost amidst the immersive power of the soundbar. 

You will be able to hear every single word in detail and choose from the provided options for a customized hearing experience. 


The digital era and the number of electronics we own make it a need for our devices to be nice to each other, but this soundbar will even get along with Karen

The various in & out ports will let you connect to all your consoles and gadgets while the wireless option will let you stream directly from your most-used device through a stable Bluetooth connection. 

Also, if you’re living in an apartment and want one of the best soundbars for your bedroom then this should be your best bet. Yeah, that’s what we look for in an ideal soundbar select among some of the best soundbars on the market.

Key features

  • Universal compatibility is a thing and you can get it without breaking the bank
  • Integrated equalizing presets can make your enhanced experience feel like it’s been setup by professionals
  • The virtual surround sound this bar produces will transport you smoothly into a surrealistic scenario
  • You’ll probably be getting more ports than you will ever need, but should the situation arise, this soundbar will connect to all your other gadgets 
  • The dialogue enhancing ensures the vocals remain clear throughout the usage of the device, even if you decide to connect an external sub for more depth


  • Brand: Denon
  • Length: 35 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: Built-in
  • Connectivity: HDMI ports, Auxiliary, Bluetooth


  • Dimensional sound through the VirtualX mode enhances the feel of being inside the enhanced acoustic environment
  • Although powerful enough subwoofers are integrated, it gives you the option to add an external one 
  • An incredible amount of sound resonance and connection flexibility for such a compact device
  • Comes with a wall mount for better placement and setup.


  • Might encounter issues with remote 
  • Instructions might not be detailed enough and the information can be scarce if you’re not tech-savvy

7. VIZIO Sound Bar for TV – Small Yet Effective 

This is a shorter VIZIO soundbar that features an external subwoofer for a more intense and deeper music sensation. 

Your experience will truly be maximized without the need of having dangling cables. This powerful subwoofer that expands your audio is completely wireless. 

2.1 Sound Bar System

An improvement of the 2.0 system.

The 2.1 audio system boosts the already powerful loudspeaker, paired with an intense subwoofer to enhance your cinematic experience, it delivers crisp dialogues that don’t get lost in the depths of your bass. 

The expansive surrounding audio performs at full strength with an almost non-existent harmonic variation. 

Well, even without the presence of Dolby Atmos or any other supporting firmware technology, this soundbar is doing quite a great job in many people’s bedrooms. Well, we must say, this is the reason we included this among our list of best soundbars for bedrooms in 2021.

Wireless Power

Although built-in speakers are more than enough to fill your room with mystical acoustics, the power of external and powerful subs will make your soul swell.

I dare say one of the best parts about this sub is its connectivity. You’ll be completely free from those messy, ugly-looking, and quite frankly dangerous wires lying around. 

And yeah, even if you want faster and efficient wired connection then it provides HDMI Arc for the same. Yeah, with HDMI Arc things will become quite easy for you to get connected.

Complete Kit

A 2 channel soundbar with subwoofer for bedroom with less than 1% per 95dB of outputted sound, wireless bliss, and the enhancement of already improved premium quality audio. 

It gets better

You’ll get a wall mount designed to fit the soundbar and every AV cable your new device needs to play well with others.  

Key features

  • 2.1 Audio Bar System that delivers enhanced quality and defined sound directed to fill the entire space
  • Profound basses will shake the room and your body along with it while crystal clear dialogues reach your ears
  • Connections with wires are truly a thing of the past. You really can enjoy a wireless subwoofer with no sound distortion or delays
  • Bluetooth that’s built-in can only mean one thing. Even and always-regular online streaming without missing a beat. Also, provides Wi Fi connectivity options, which is an added advantage.
  • The compact size is not expected to deliver such a strong sound. Practicality meets power in a slim design with an external box that doesn’t take up the space you have left


  • Brand: VIZIO
  • Length: 28 inches
  • Color: Black & Silver
  • Subwoofer: External
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi Fi


  • Customizable equalizing setting so you can adjust your sound features to have a personalized experience
  • A completely immersive surround sound experience.
  • Wall mount makes it easy to set it up anywhere in your bedroom.
  • Loud enough that it can be used in smaller and bigger sized areas
  • The external subwoofer connects wirelessly 
  • Adds dimension to the surround system while improving dialogue clarity


  • The dimensions of the soundbar make it hard to place under low-lying TV’s
  • The subwoofer does not offer to blast, but a milder bass

8. YAMAHA YAS-108 Sound Bar – Afterall It’s Designed For 4K

Yamaha looks to stay true when it comes to respecting the musical sounds and not only focusing on improving the movie immersion experience. 

This means that while the acoustics might not seem redefined in an extreme way, it offers you excellent audio quality and enough power to captivate you in a home theater environment.

4K Connectivity

Many have complained about the fact that a lot of soundbars really struggle with staying true to the originally recorded sounds. 

Sound quality relies not only on the technology behind the device’s engineering, but connection will play an important role as well. The YAS-108 is faithful to your 4K streams and their 3D audio for your home theater setup

Directional Vocals

Your same old dialogues, but better. 

This soundbar offers a general natural-like sound with the characteristic of sharpening the dialogues on the TV so they’re not faded by the expansion of the sound around the room. 

Whether you decide to enjoy your already maximized acoustics or deepen the experience with some add-ons, each word will be crystal clear as it’s reproduced by this loudspeaker. And, that’s how it provides a feel like home theater in a nutshell.

Well yeah, even with the absence of Dolby Atmos, it succeeds in providing a stunning surround sound quality to its users.

Bluetooth Refined

As previously stated, one of the most important aspects to be highlighted is the stability and strength of this bar’s wireless connections

This refined Bluetooth system is more than a strong connection, it also allows a smooth transition between connected devices and has a reach of up to 33 feet when there are no obstructions. 

Key features

  • As most Yamaha soundbars do, this system’s X Virtual 3D sound-enhancing expands sound waves around the entire living room without any kind of distortion 
  • The built-in subwoofers allow an organic feel to the sounds you hear while saving you the extra space when mounting or setting it up in your living room
  • The Bluetooth flexibility is matched by the wired connectivity options the device has to offer
  • 4K quality is maintained throughout the entire connection  
  • Music doesn’t stay behind. Yes, you’ll better your movie-watching experiences, but don’t forget this bar is meant for music lovers as well


  • Brand: YAMAHA
  • Length: 35 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: Built-in
  • Connectivity: HDMI inputs (HDMI Arc), Auxiliary, Bluetooth


  • Virtual X 3D sound auto calibration doesn’t let you feel the absence of Dolby Atmos.
  • Surround Sound Feel for immersive audio enhancement.
  • Movies come to life with this augmented realistic sound experience
  • HDMI Arc for an added advantage in connectivity.
  • Exceeds audio quality expectations in relation to price range
  • It allows you to input an outer sub for a more profound bass experience
  • Connectivity Options includes Wi Fi connections too.
  • Higher pitches don’t get distorted and are projected in a sharp and crystal-like way


  • Built-in subwoofers have a less intense bass sound, if you like your basses deeper you might  want to consider another option

9. Polk Audio 2.1 Channel Soundbar – Best Budget Soundbar For Bedroom

If you were looking for a sound amplifying bar that’s universally compatible and can blast your living room’s rooftop with an external deep sub. 

Your search is over. 

You will feel your senses submerging inside the climate created by this surrounding system while feeling the bass sinking in while your dialogues remain perfectly clear.

Universal TV Bar

How many times have you heard the story of a newly purchased loudspeaker that won’t be friends with a TV?

Polk Audio is all about universal love and its low-profile sleek design is here to prove it. A dinosaur could handle the easy setup through the digital optical cable that’s included in your bar, your sound, and your favorite TV will be friends forever.

Performance-Tuned Sound

Improved system of immersive surround sound that is amplified while the wireless subwoofer intensifies the atmosphere of the bedroom or living room. It includes voice-adjust technology that makes your dialogues sharp and as clear as they can get through this Polk audio soundbar for the bedroom. 

The boosting of the bass and clean voices work well together and offer an experience that will make you feel you’re actually there

Low-Key Setup & Design

Designers are here for a reason.

Well-engineered and designed setups make sure that the audio quality isn’t disrupted and that the wave sounds can travel around the bedroom or living room for an immersive experience. And yeah, with its built-in auto calibration for sound equalizer you get the best possible sound experience from its compact physic.

With that said, the slim and practical design of the Polk audio sound bar and the woofer make the most of it without taking more space than it really needs. 

Key features

  • Compatible with virtually every single device you can own or think of 
  • It has been designed to be easy to set up and control 
  • The subwoofer enhances the feeling of the acoustics while the clarity is never lost
  • Performance tuned allows the device to work efficiently and be paired swiftly with its external subwoofer
  • The design of the external woofer makes sure that it doesn’t take up more space than needed so you can still get that bass without compromising your room


  • Brand: POLK
  • Length: 35.8 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Subwoofer: External
  • Connectivity: Digital Optical, Analog, Bluetooth


  • Easy setup at home and simple connection with any device
  • External subwoofer over exceeds expectations and completes the 2.1 surrounding sound conditions
  • Dolby Atmos like sound quality, however, Dolby Atmos is not physically present on this soundbar.
  • Marvelous and immersive surround sound facility.
  • Wireless subwoofer connection allows customizing the sound experience inside the room
  • Wi Fi connectivity for remotely access Along with HDMI Arc for hassle-free wired connections.
  • Night sound modes and music presets allow you to tweak the sound according to your desired experience
  • One of the cheap yet powerful soundbars on the market.


  • On/off automatic features are not convenient for binge-watching nor for initializing the system
  • Bluetooth streaming connection can be disrupted

Features To Care About In A Best Soundbar For Bedroom

  • Sometimes (most times) size does matter

It’s your bedroom we’re talking about, not the acoustics in Albert Hall. 

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I am pretty sure we all go to bed in standard-sized rooms that do not need a concert amplifier for a little Netflix and chill or some low-key music before a good night’s rest. 

In this case, the compact is good. 

You will not only have limited space on furniture pieces but also on the walls of the room if you’re thinking about mounting your bar.

  • Easy like Sunday mornin’

The previous statement has brought me here. A device that’s easy to set up and mount is most likely going to be a user-friendly one. 

Bedtime ain’t about complicating your routine but enhancing the experience of the acoustics in your room. Don’t try to look for complex settings and specs, and focus on the quality of the sound so it meets your expectations. 

  • Aesthetics

You might think that there’s so much a soundbar can look like…and we agree on its defining quality: it will most likely be a black rectangle. 

However, don’t think design is about shapes only. The materials used on the outside of your loudspeaker can actually say a lot about its internal structure as well.

  • Price Range

Stop overspending on things you don’t need. 

But look at all the settings I can customize. 

If you’re not a producer and you’re here looking for a bedroom soundbar, let your attention be drawn away from the little things and place it on finding something that delivers clear and consistent sounds while having stable connectivity. 

A Soundbar for Your Bedroom Is Personal: Design Elements

We’ve taken a look at fairly priced soundbars and examined the quality of the sound they deliver. Price is most times, also a reflection of the materials used to build your loudspeaker. 

  • Outer Materials

No one’s a big fan of plastic, but we have to assume it will be a significant part of the building process of your device. 

The materials on the exterior, however, are the ones you will attest to for the durability and also the appearance of your new night companion. Fabric and textured finishes always level up the design by making it seem like a more refined and well-manufactured gadget. 

  • Remote

I believe we humans have had problems with tv remote controls since the day they were invented. It’s hard to find a tv remote like remote that will let you press it smoothly and command the loudspeaker without delays. 

Also, some soundbars provide cloud control using Wi Fi connections, so, if possible look for Wi Fi compatibility in your selection for getting some perks of remote access to your soundbar even when you’re not present in your bedroom.

If you find one, cherish that moment. 

  • Integrated Control

Not to be taken lightly. 

Yes, your speaker will have buttons on it, but not every soundbar will have a complete control center on the body of the bar. This is extremely practical, particularly if you run out of batteries or your remote is being a lil’ brat. 

Similarly, if you want HDMI Arc for connectivity then it has to be there in your priority.

How To Select One Of The Best Soundbars For Bedroom?

  • Remember your room?

I have encountered people who are convinced that having a super luxurious outdoor speaker inside a bedroom makes it cooler for some reason. 

It really doesn’t. 

If you spend more than you need on power and SPL (the volume power of your loudspeaker) you’ll end up with a possibly oversized machine while playing GTA with your volume at 1. 

And yeah, in some Room Sizes, it becomes a must to have Dolby Atmos or a similar sound enhancer mechanism present on your soundbar. Especially, when you’re planning to have one for your bedroom.

  • Have your priorities in mind

Once you bear in mind the dimensions of your room, consider the main use your bar will be fulfilling. 

If you have a considerably bigger-sized main dormitory, then the soundbar for the master bedroom of your choosing will need more power than the more compact and integrated ones.  Some people even prefer a soundbar with Wi Fi compatibility, so in case, you too want your soundbar to be accessed through Wi Fi connection then keep it in your list of priorities.

However, most of the time, the area between main and smaller rooms is really not that different. If this is your case, then a soundbar for a small bedroom will work just fine in both scenarios. 

  • Think of your wallet

You don’t have to wait 10 years before your Crypto goes up to get a soundbar that does the job.

Spending thousands on a fancy and cutting edge-looking is not the answer. Throwing your money at zillions of customizable settings that you don’t have the time to learn about isn’t either. 

Before you choose what you’re buying, have a talk with yourself and establish your priorities. Contemplate what specs you’re really willing to pay for, and which fall into a secondary category. 

Well, when you purchase through links provided on this site, you’ll get products which are curated after a long process and which are available at lowest rates on the market.

  • Decide

Seems kinda obvious, but sometimes we see life cruising in front of our eyes, a few months have passed and we’re still going over the never-ending list of features each device has to offer. 

Trust me on this one. 

The decision process will be efficient if you have your wants and needs in check before you set the budget and lay down your card. 

Maintainance Tips For Your Bedroom Soundbar

As we all do, your newly bought soundbar for bedroom tv needs some love and care. 

  • Clean like your mom is watching

You know that thing we sometimes do when we put all the wrinkled mess that clothes can be inside drawers and closets so the room looks relatively tidy?

Yeah, don’t

Dust is Thanatos and your soundbar is the world. Getting rid of the dust gathering around and on your bar and subwoofer (in case you have one) can extend your device’s life period and ultimately prevent major inconveniences.  

Make sure your cleaning process doesn’t include any liquids that could filter into the system and damage its internal structure. 

  • Sunscreen

No skincare routine is needed but keep it away from the sun. 

We don’t know what kind of thermal insulating engineering the design of your speakers is based on, nor if they even paid enough attention to it. 

Direct sunlight affects copper, the material the voice coils in your speakers are made of. So let’s leave the tanning to the surfers. 

  • Power Supply

Stabilizing the voltage does help. Your soundbar could be in trouble in case of power outages that may occur for an infinite number of reasons; this will help give them the consistent energy they require. 

Pro-tip: The Peak Performance measurement of your speaker lets you know how much it can withstand, but you shouldn’t have it running at peak level continuously. 

  • No dust doesn’t mean any air

Ventilation is fundamental, especially when you use your bar on a daily basis and over extended periods of time. 

Enough air circulation around and through your sound system will ensure that it stays cool after a long day of work. 


1. Can you use any sound bar on any TV?

In the best-case scenario, your soundbar, and TV will share the same width, but this question is not about the looks. 

Pairing newly purchased devices with older TVs or even with new ones that belong to different brands and manufacturers can turn into a nightmare. Opt for universally compatible soundbars to guarantee your connections will run smoothly. 

If specific doubts arise, don’t hesitate to contact your retailers and ask about compatibility between devices and certain operating systems.

2. Are soundbars good for large rooms?

Big or small. It’s perspective.

If like me, you’re a standard working-class person, it’s likely that your largest bedroom still falls under the category of big-room inside a house or apartment. Don’t spend on power where it’s not needed and focus on the quality and form of sound you’d like to recreate so you can avoid unpleasant surprises. However, for large rooms, we’d suggest buy one that has Dolby Atmos or Virtual DTS:X sound enhancer present on the gadget.

3. Are sound bars worth the money?

There could be no absolute answer to a question so broad. But there is a relatively right answer: depends.

The best investment of your time and economy will result in spending on what you hold as the most important feature. 

Quality? Design? Volume? Bass? Wi Fi connectivity? Choose your poison and invest in it. 

4. How many watts do you need for a soundbar?

The answer to this question is related to the priorities checklist we mentioned above. Usually, soundbars go up to 50 Watts when the system is completely integrated. Naturally, this number goes up if the speakers are working with external subwoofers. 

Higher Watts. FYI this doesn’t mean better sound. Regardless of your intention of finding the best soundbar for a large room or filling up a smaller space, do not focus on Watts. The average measure you’ll find in soundbars will be more than enough power for any of your enclosed spaces. 


Specs, settings, and add-ons. Trying to find the right soundbar for your room can turn your mind into a blob of impractical information once you’ve gone over uncountable details about a product’s characteristics. 

It is fairly simple to un-complicate the matter just by asking a couple of right questions. Go over your basics to find out what you want, in case you don’t know it.

The dimensions of your room and the sound you so desperately want to fill it with. Needs meet wants, by going over these two simple things you’ll be able to define which feature defines your perfect soundbar. Like if you’re firm on your need for Wi Fi connectivity then you won’t let go of it. Right? So in such cases, you should have your priorities prepared with you.

If you crave that bass box to deepen your experience, we recommend the quality that the Sony ST5000 Dolby Atmos Soundbar can provide your small and large spaces. If you’re set on clear and natural-like sounds, the YAMAHA YAS-108 Sound Bar will be a slim and practical solution that will bring acoustic magic to your surroundings. 

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