Have you spotted a sexist article or post? Is something happening in your country that we should know about?

If it was produced by the media or a public figure and it makes
you angry as a woman, or concerned as a citizen, tell us.
No matter what language it's in, just send us the link (below) and we will check the facts, produce a story about it and amplify the truth!

We accept links to articles in any European language, from any reliable media outlet, as well as social media posts from public figures or influencers.

We are especially interested in

  • sexist reporting, distorted or incorrect information about women or women's issues, examples of rape culture and victim blaming;
  • reports featuring original data, particularly concerning gender & family issues, politics, media and underreported topics or communities;
  • anything about women's rights being supported or infringed, and about emerging champions and enemies of the movement for women's equality.

About the story:

What can readers outside of your country learn from this story? You can also write a quote from yourself or your organization that the Newsmavens editorial team can use. (Any level of English welcome. If you do not feel comfortable using even simple English, you can write us in your mother tongue.)
Is it an example of fake news, disinformation, a misrepresentation of facts, a conspiracy theory, pseudoscience, biased reporting, spin, censorship, clickbait or hidden advertising? Other?

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Is something happening in your country that Newsmavens should cover?
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