How To Connect Walkie Talkies

Have you ever wondered how people connect their walkie talkies with each other? Well, yeah, walkie talkies are still one of the most popular communication device since its inception.

In this article, we’ll be explaining process of how to connect walkie talkies in utmost detailed way possible.

As we all know, walkie talkies are proven to be lifesaver devices especially in those situations where cellphones can’t pick up signals. So yeah, if you’re planning for an outdoor trip, adventure or camping trip with your friends, family or neighbours then everyone will come up with an advice to stay together all the time because, if you get separated, it’ll become hard to communicate. Well, in such situations walkie talkies are always a prominent and to the point solution to problem of communication.

Anyway, I’m assuming that you’re already on this page because you already know importance of walkie talkies and its abilities. So, now you might be looking for a way to connect all of these walkie talkies together. Right?

Well, that’s what we’re gonna explain in this article. So, get ready for a detailed guide now onward.

If you don’t know, walkie talkies use single radio channel, yeah, it means only one node can transmit the message while any number can listen. So, by default all the walkie talkies in the network will be in receive mode, and to turn a particular node into transmit mode, you’ll have to press Push To Talk (PTT) button. Yeah, by doing so it’ll become active transmitter that’s gonna carry your message.

How To Connect Your Walkie Talkie?

To get all the walkie talkies into communication channels, all of them requires to be compatible walkie talkies. Yeah, many people ask me a question that “Why my walkie talkies are not connecting?” Well, reason is simple that their devices do not have compatible DCS (Digitally Coded Squelch Code). However, you can resolve this issue by putting off DCS feature.

Next step to connect walkie talkies is to remain in the compatible range of communication. Yeah, it’s also known as line of the sight range of receiver. Usually, each device packaging mentions its range in user manual, so it needs to be within that range. 

Then, next step is tuning. Yeah, tune in the frequency band of your walkie talkie with your group of communicators. If you don’t know! This frequency range is also known as radio channel in terminology of communication.

Now, if you feel embarrassing with that static hissing sound of the channel then let me tell you, it’s completely normal as it indicates that all channels are receiving. And, yeah, it’ll stop immediately when someone tries to start transmitting. 

As, walkie talkies are unidirectional communication channels, it’ll allow only one person to communicate at a time. However, walkie talkies allows you to communicate at lightening fast speed because radio waves will transmit quickly and receivers will also pick this waves immediately.

Etiquettes of communicating via walkie talkies are simple. Press PTT button, leave your message, and end it with Over, then release PTT button.

Yeah, OVER is part of etiquettes and it means that now its receivers turn to pass his message. And, as you’ll be releasing PTT button after your message, you’re turning your device into receiving mode there onwards. Yeah, there’s no rocket science in setting up two walkie talkies for communication.

How To Get Two Walkie Talkies On The Same Channel?

A walkie-talkie usually functions as transceiver serving a single function at a time. As explained earlier, it can’t transmit while receiving and vice versa. Also, to get this single function capability, you need to get on to same channel.

Yeah, it doesn’t matter that how many devices are connected, as long as they are communication range and on same channel, they’ll be able to communicate.

Also, we receive many queries regarding importance of brand of devices to enable communication, well, it doesn’t matter if you have all devices of different brands, you can still communicate. Yeah, all you need is to keep all the devices within their capable communication range on a same channel.

Here’s a simple process to get your walkie talkies on the same channel.

  1. Select a channel for communication range, and get all the devices on same range. In simpler words, all walkie-talkies needs to have same frequency range. Yeah, no matter if it’s an outdoor trip with your friends, or an adventurous hike, all needs to be on same channel first.
  2. Identify selected channel on your device’s screen. 
  3. Once you’ve your pre-decided channel displayed on screen, press PTT button to start communicating.
  4. Leave your message, with OVER at the end.
  5. All other walkie-talkies in the group has to scan channel until they find the pre-decided frequency range.
  6. Set each walkie talkies on that specific channel.
  7. Push PTT button to save that channel.

Yeah, once whole group is on the same channel, all of them will be able to transmit and receive with single push of PTT button. Usually, all FRS and GMRS supported radios functions on a single channel and hence they’re compatible.

How To Sync Two Different Brand Walkie Talkies On Same Channel?

Some of your group members have old walkie-talkies while some have new? Or some have different brand and others have something else? 

Well, in that case, you’ll require to sync such radios to work together. Anyway, process of synchronization is also easy to follow. Yeah, just make sure that all devices have private code numbers on radios set to same number. And, then by following our above mentioned walki-talkie setup guide, you’ll be able to easily start communication with them.

No matter, if you’ve a new device or an old, or if you all have different brand’s walkie-talkies with you; you’ll still be able to get on to a single communication channel. Yeah, most of walkie-talkies support 22 radio channels. So, fix anyone and then on remaining walki-talkies scan for that specific channel until it don’t display on the screen. And, then simply save your channel.

Also, it’s not necessary that all walki talkies will have same channel number as for device A a particular frequency might be on number 2 while other might have it on number 8. So, try to figure it out from the frequency range, and not only by relying on channel numbers.


So, that’s all about how to connect walkie-talkies, and we also explained process of syncing non-uniform devices together. We hope, you liked it. And yeah, if you still have any doubt or query then feel free to drop us a comment and we’ll be at your rescue as soon as possible.

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