How To Use and Fix Chrome Continue Not Working? – Fixes That Works!

Won’t you agree if I say, “Continue Where You Left Off” is one of the most productive features of google chrome? You’ll! Right?

And in case, you don’t know about this feature then it’s a functionality that allows you to start your work from same position where you lastly closed your chrome browser. Yeah, chrome automatically syncs your already opened tabs and opens it up for you when you restart chrome.

However, sometimes, this feature stops working and it causes so many disturbance and nightmares in a workaholic professional. Especially, to those whose key responsibilities require constant net surfing. Yeah, we can’t remember all the sites we worked when we closed our chrome browser last time and it causes issue.

So, in this article we’ll discuss about how to use and fix chrome continue not working issue in details. Yeah, worry not! We’re here to help you with all the information we’ve found as a solution to chrome continue not working issue.

Now, without wasting time in other discussion, let’s take a look into some of the best solutions for chrome continue not working properly issue.

How To Use and Fix Chrome Continue Not Working?

Fix 1 – Update Chrome

Update Chrome

Usually, when you install chrome, it’ll be configured for auto updates. However, sometimes, we disable auto update feature by fluke. So, in that case, we need to update chrome manually for latest stable version.

To update chrome for latest version, simply click on three dots on chrome browser’s upper left corner. Then a list of settings will open up; if you see UPDATE CHROME menu mentioned in this list then click on it. If it’s not available there then it means that it’s already updated for latest version.

And, in case, if it’s already updated and still the issue of chrome continue not working is arises then follow other fixes mentioned in this guide.

Also, we recommend you to keep auto update feature enabled so that you don’t face any issue in Chrome continue due to future updates.

Fix 2 – Delete Cache

Delete Cache

Sometimes, we opens up things that might cause nightmares. Yeah, few sites are not properly settled up and hence takes a lot of space in our browser, this thing cause trouble in chrome’s memory management and due to this you might face issue of Chrome Continue Not Working.

In order to get rid of the issue, you should clear cache on your google chrome browser. To do so, you should press SHIFT+CTRL+DELETE together and then select timeframe and clear cache along with history.

Also, we’d suggest you to take a backup of your remembered credentials to avoid losing data.

Fix 3 – Disable & Enable Feature

Disable & Enable Feature

This fix is not guaranteed but it has worked well for many chrome users. Yeah, to do this fix, you simply need to follow below mentioned process step by step.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Type in search bar “Continue”
  3. Select Disable “Continue Where You Left Off”
  4. Restart chrome
  5. Repeat Step 1 & 2
  6. Select “Continue Where You Left Off” to enable it.
  7. Restart Chrome again.

After following this process, open couple of sites in different tabs and check if it works for your problem or not!

Fix 4 – Remove Excessive Shortcuts

Remove Excessive Shortcuts

If your browser has too many shortcuts and bookmarks created, simply remove unusual and unnecessary shortcuts from browser. Well, it’ll reduce memory requirements for your browser and it might resolve issue if it’s due to memory mismanagement or RAM memory stress in your browser.

Fix 5 – Create a New Chrome User

Create a New Chrome User

If you know how to create a new chrome user account then simply create one and configure it for the “continue where you left off” feature by following partial process of Fix 3.

Tip: – Creating a new user will start a fresh window, and it might remove your saved data. So, it’s not advisable in case your current chrome user is holding essential data.

Fix 6 – Check out Your PC for Virus & Remove Malware from Device

Virus & Remove Malware from Device

It’s no more a secret that malwares or virus might make things stop working. Yeah, there are plenty of virus definitions that disturbs browser utilities.

So, to get rid of your issue from this root cause, you should scan your PC for existence of any sort of malwares or viruses. And, delete such existing virus definitions from the scratch.

Fix 7 – Reinstalling Chrome Browser with Your Current Profile

Reinstalling Chrome

This fix might need you to dig deep into issue and you might require to follow a bit technical process.

Yeah, this is how to fix google chrome continue where you left off not working issue.

For fix, follow below mentioned step-by-step guide.

  1. Navigate to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
  2. Copy Folder Named “Profile 1” and take back up of this folder in your preferred place.

Note – This is default chrome user profile where all data of bookmarks, history & credentials stored. To get other profiles you should take back up of all profiles and try & test for your current user.

  1. Uninstall chrome from control panel
  2. Reinstall Google Chrome’s latest version
  3. Navigate to folder mentioned in step 1 again.
  4. Paste your previously saved backup.
  5. Open chrome and check if issue is resolved or not!

Fix 8 – Remove Extensions that you don’t use

Remove Extensions

As the fix suggests, you should remove all the unnecessary extensions. Sometimes, excessive amount extensions and tools might cause disturbance in memory management. And, due to less memory available to operate properly, you chrome might not be able to continue where you left off. So, by deleting and uninstalling unnecessary extensions from your google chrome browser, you ensures that there is enough memory available for chrome to operate smoothly and without any glitches.

So, these are the most common and widely working fixes for google pick up where you left off feature.

Now, let’s cover some frequently asked question for this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Activate “PickUp Where You Left Off” feature in Google Chrome?

It’s simple; you just need to navigate to settings and then search for “Continue” it’ll take you to a settings belonging to Startup configuration. You just have to select “Continue Where You Left Off” radio button and save it. This simple process is to activate “Pickup where you left off” feature of chrome.

2. What To Do If My Chrome Act Weird?

If by weird you mean, it’s not working properly then first fix is to restart the browser. And, second fix is to uninstall browser and reinstall a latest version.

3. Why Does My Chrome Always Opens all the tabs I opened during my last session?

Because, your chrome is configured for “continue where you left off” feature for startup process.

4. How Do I Restore Closed Tabs after Accidently Closing Chrome?

Simply, open history and open all the tabs. And, to make it safe and automatic process for each time, simply follow process mentioned in our first FAQ.

5. Should I uninstall Chrome if “Continue Where You Left Off” isn’t working?

It depends! Yeah, in fact, we’d suggest you to keep this solution as a last bet and you should try other fixes mentioned in this guide first before taking a step for uninstalling chrome to fix google chrome’s continue where you left off feature.


So folks, we’ve mentioned all the probable processes and fixes for the issue. Yeah, by now you should be knowing that how to use and fix google chrome’s continue where you left off feature.

In case, you’ve tried all the fixes and still you’re facing the same issue then let us know in comment section and we’ll personally take a look into your matter. Share your love with your fellas who’re facing similar issue in their chrome browser.

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