George Soros breaks his silence 

George Soros, the Hungarian-American financier, is tired of being portrayed as the devil himself by the Hungarian government. He launched an information campaign telling people the truth about his work and the NGOs affiliated with him.

Ivett Körösi
Ivett Körösi Nepszava, Hungary
Source: Nepszava
Soros breaks his silence  - NewsMavens
George Soros. Image from Wikimedia Commons

Why this story matters:

George Soros ’ first video message, published online at the end of November, came as a surprise to many. After months of being the government’s punching bag and scapegoat, the billionaire broke his silence. He claimed that Fidesz was spreading lies about him and the so-called „Soros plan”. More video messages followed in December.

„The Orban-regime oppresses the population more than the Russian occupation,” he declares, adding that the Hungarian Prime, Minister Viktor Orban, wants to eradicate NGOs.

He knows him quite well. Or should I say, knew him. The Open Society Foundations (OSF), an organization created by Soros, helped Fidesz financially before the transition to democracy. Viktor Orban, a champion of democracy back then, studied in Oxford thanks to a scholarship from Soros. A lot has changed since then.

In the latest video messages, the businessman and philanthropist claims that the prime minister has established a „mafia state, a mafia system”, where leaders use their position to stay in power and enhance their wealth.

It is an interesting development that George Soros decided to put up a fight a few months before the general elections in Hungary. Some claim that the businessman will not succeed in changing his image merely by releasing a couple of videos. They believe it is too late because Fidesz spent billions of taxpayers’ money on the anti-Soros campaign and now a significant portion of the Hungarians see the billionaire as a manipulator who wants to meddle in Hungarian politics and resettle millions of refugees in Europe.

Regardless of the outcome, at least the finance mogul has a voice in this „debate” now. The following article elaborates on the unexpected messages of George Soros.

Details from the story:

  • The spokesman of the Open Society Foundations in Hungary, Csaba Csontos, assured Nepszava that apart from the video messages of George Soros, the organization will start a politically neutral information campaign about NGOs and the importance of their work. It will be launched this week.
  • Viktor Orban responded to the video messages on Friday, in an interview on national radio. He said that „the Soros network has entered the election campaign”.
  • Accusing George Soros of trying to destabilize the government through NGOs affiliated with him is not a phenomenon particular to Hungary. It is also a popular rhetoric in Macedonia and Serbia. The conservative government of the latter accused Mr. Soros of meddling in the country’s internal affairs.
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