24 Nov 2017

If you don't have a Filipino housemaid, you're not in

Hiring a Filipino housemaid is significantly more expensive than hiring a Slovak. The cleaning agency that offers their services justifies high prices by promising increased privacy. After all, Filipino maids do not speak Slovak.

Ria Gehrerová
Ria Gehrerová Denník N, Slovakia
Source: Denník N
If you don't have a Filipino housemaid, you're not in - NewsMavens
Filipino family. Wikicommons

Why this story matters:


United Management is a company offering a brand new service on the Slovak market -- Filipino housemaids. Unlike many western countries and parts of the Middle East, in Slovakia it is highly uncommon to pay people for taking care of a household.

There is nothing wrong per se in advertising such services, but it's noteworthy that this company resorts to humiliating language:

"Filipinos have no social ties to anyone in Slovakia, therefore they are accessible 24/7," said the advertisement. 

Hiring a Filipino housemaid is significantly more expensive than hiring a Slovak housemaid. The company justifies their prices by claiming that the Filipino maids offer privacy-- they do not speak Slovak and therefore cannot understand a word when people in the household talk to one another.

While pointing out this sort of behavior is certainly not enough to change mentalities, we can find some consolation in the fact that the company removed the most offensive statements in its advertisement after their behavior was criticized in Dennik N (article below).

Details from the story:

  • United Management Group is offering Filipino women for cleaning services. The services are quoted at well over the market price -- about 20 thousand euro per year.
  • Filipino employees allegedly receive a basic salary of 430 euro per month.
  • To work in-house is one of the most dangerous forms of employment for cleaning staff -- it is virtually impossible to monitor the hours and working conditions.
  • Martina Medňanská, spokesperson for United Management, says it is common to have a Filipino housemaid in many countries. "If you do not have a Filipino, you are not 'in'," says Medňanská.

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