26 Dec 2017

Honey, a must-have for Slovak Christmas, is usually no better than sugar

Researchers tested the honey sold in shops before Christmas and the results will disappoint quality food aficionados.

Ria Gehrerová
Ria Gehrerová Denník N, Slovakia
Source: Denník N
Honey, a must-have for Slovak Christmas, is usually no better than
sugar - NewsMavens
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Why this story matters:

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“It rarely is biologically active or antibacterial”, declares microbiologist Juraj Majtan from the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS). Together with his team, he tested the honey sold in shops before Christmas and found that only 2 out of 19 brands could be considered healthy.

According to the researchers, the honey sold in a shopping center considered to be an outlet for Fairtrade and bio quality food from regional providers, “is not much better than sugar”.  

Majtan told Daily N that honey is the sixth most frequently falsified food in the European Union -- a disturbing fact considering that it is a must-have product during Christmas in Slovakia. We eat it on a thin wafer on Christmas Eve and honey crackers are the most iconic sweet bite of this time.

Many Slovaks get honey from their acquaintances who own bee houses. Now, it seems like a much wiser choice than buying it from shops that claim to be selling the best quality food.

Details from the story:

  • Researchers tested honey provided in the Slovak shops before Christmas and were dissatisfied with its quality.
  • They claim that there is a possibility that producers are heating honey when pouring it into bottles, which causes it to lose its biologically active and antibacterial effect. Another cause could be incorrect storage of honey -- it is supposed to be kept in dark, dry and cold places.
  • Scientists believe that producers are heating honey because people want it liquid to pour over waffles during Christmas.
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