Serbia organizes ribbon-cutting ceremony for cesspit

The local authorities of a village near Leskovac in southern Serbia organized a ceremonial opening for a school cesspit. Media didn't show up, thinking it's fake news.

Lidija Pisker
Lidija Pisker NewsMavens, Balkans
Serbia organizes ribbon-cutting ceremony for cesspit - NewsMavens

Why this story matters:

When reality starts to look like fake news, you know you are in the Balkans.

The latest trend of ceremonial ribbon-cutting for school toilets, pavements, traffic lights or soup kitchens makes "Monty Python" look like respectable news. 

What should be normal, like having toilets in a school, in the Balkans deserves a honorable mention and media headlines. 

At least, we laugh about it. Before the laughter melts into tears. 

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Details from the story:

  • Two months ago, a Turkish military mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina financed the reconstruction of school toilets in a primary school in Central Bosnian town of Zenica. The school organized a cultural event with participating students singing, playing and dancing thus celebrating new toilets in December last year.
  • The same month, the country's first soup kitchen for children was open in Lukavac in northeastern Bosnia. The Minister of Labor, Social Welfare and Return of Tuzla Canton, who is responsible for preventing poverty among children -- the type of poverty which requires the opening of a soup kitchen -- handed out the first meals as part of the protocol during the ceremonial opening of the soup kitchen, which was decorated with colorful balloons. 
  • In November 2016, the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which consists of three members, invited the media to the ceremonial opening of a newly constructed pavement in front of the Presidency building. All three members accused each other of letting the embarrassing event happen.
  • A local mayor in Kraljevo, Serbia organized an official ceremony to launch a new set of traffic lights in one of Kraljevo's streets in December 2016. 
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