Serbia tells women: "Give birth, don't delay"

Instead of introducing financial incentives to support new mothers, Serbia is trying to boost birth rates through stale slogans. 

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Serbia tells women: "Give birth, don't delay" - NewsMavens
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Why this story matters:

Giving birth is an imperative. Women should do it with no hesitation, even if they are unemployed, with inadequate health care or no social security. That's that's women are made for -- at least that's what a new social campaign in Serbia suggests. It features slogans like "Give birth, don't delay" and "Love and a baby -- the two most important needs".

Meanwhile, in many Serbian households, children are an unaffordable luxury. Couples wait for better times to have children or have only one. Little support is extended to such families. 

Some European countries offer generous parental support, but others impose costs on new parents. In Slovakia, for example, a pregnant woman who thought she was in labor was charged after she sought emergency care, as reported by NewsMavens earlier this month

"Guilt trip" campaigns, therefore, seem to be the easiest policy. An Italian Fertility Day campaign, launched in September 2016, told women that fertility was a "common good" and that "beauty knows no age, but fertility does." 

Like Italy, the Serbian government has pointed its finger at women. They are telling women, that they are in charge of demographic and economic prosperity, that should result from increased national birthrates. 

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Details from the story:

  • Serbia has launched a national competition for slogans in a campaign to increase the country's birth rate. 
  • Government officials have chosen six winning slogans from more than 1,000 entries. 
  • Some other slogans include: "Mum, I don't want to be alone. Dad, I want a brother"; "Enough with words, let babies' cries be heard"; "Miracles don't happen. Miracles are born"; and "Let babies be born and nice things happen."
  • Despite having some of the youngest mothers in Europe, Serbia's fertility rate has declined in the last few years.
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