A Facebook video claims nine lives

In Hungary, several people have died in a traffic accident caused by a driver doing a Facebook live video seconds before he ran into a truck.

Ivett Körösi
Ivett Körösi Nepszava, Hungary
Source: Nepszava
A Facebook video claims nine lives - NewsMavens
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Why this story matters:

Thirteen children lost a parent in a traffic accident that took place near the Hungarian town of Ceglédbercel. The tragedy happened after the driver of a minivan started a Facebook live stream.

The victims warned the driver to stop and watch the road but he kept looking at his phone. In a matter of seconds, the minivan had crashed into a truck. 

The accident was a wake-up call to many in Hungary. Who has not stolen a glance at their phone while driving?

According to a 2015 report by the European Commission, in Sweden 10-20 people die every year as a result of using a mobile phone while driving. In the Netherlands, 600 road deaths and hospital admissions would have been prevented annually if the drivers did not use their phones at all while driving.

The solution is easy: put away our phones while on the road. Yet, somehow, we are completely unable to stop ourselves.

Details from the story:

  • The victims (the driver and eight passengers) were agricultural workers. They were on their way home from Slovenia to Romania. Seven of them were Romanian citizens.
  • Most of the vicims were members of the Roma community.
  • Based on the investigation, it seems that the driver was looking at the comments under the video while he was overtaking several cars.
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