Survey reveals harassment of LGBT students in Greece

The results of the first Pan-Hellenic Survey regarding LGBT+ students in secondary education proves that the lives of Greek teens are harsh and full of discrimination.

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Survey reveals harassment of LGBT students in Greece - NewsMavens
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Why this story matters:

Only a few days before this year’s Athens Pride, the results of the first Pan-Hellenic survey regarding LGBT+ students shows that schools are breeding grounds for discrimination, violence and racism.

The research also includes personal testimonies:

“A professor once compared members of the LGBT+ community to pedophiles and cannibals…”

Additionally, there were many testimonies about teachers that not only did nothing while an LGBT+ student was attacked by his or her fellow students but in some cases even encouraged the harassment.

Also, the survey revealed sexual harassment is widespread. One young girl reported that a professor covered for a boy who had sexually harassed her by saying, “You shouldn’t wear such a short skirt. He is a boy after all.”  Another girl hesitated to walk to the blackboard because “[…] there will be comments about my physique.”

Such testimonies are all the more worrying, since 59.2% of the students surveyed declare that they have attended schools that are involved in information campaigns on bullying.

Details from the story:

  • The survey was an initiative of the Colour Youth – LGBTQ Youth Community of Athens. It lasted two years, the sample was 3,747 people of whom 1,963 identify themselves as LGBT+ persons.
  • 84.9% of the students have heard the word “gay” used in a negative tone.
  • 60.1% of the students surveyed report that none of the school books include information on LGBT+ issues.
  • 71.9% of the students are not comfortable talking about LGBT+ issues with their teachers.
  • 74.2% of students say that they have heard homophobic comments at their school, and 74.4% have heard transphobic comments.
  • Abusive comments against women are heard in a similar rate.
  • One out of three children has experienced some form of verbal harassment and one in seven students has been subjected to physical harassment and/or violence.
  • Despite the difficulties, the school performance of the LGBT+ students is very good and their academic aspirations are quite high.
  • Colour Youth proposes continuous training for the teachers on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity as well as the introduction of Sex Education in schools.
  • As for the school textbooks, the organization considers it very important not to promote / reproduce stereotypical and phobic perceptions and gender-based social norms.
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