29 Jan 2018

Slovakia left as region's lone player in pro-European politics 

With the re-election of Czech president Miloš Zeman, Slovakia now stands alone in wanting deeper integration of the EU in the Central and Eastern Europe.

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Ria Gehrerová Denník N, Slovakia
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Slovakia left as region's lone player in pro-European politics  - NewsMavens
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Why this story matters:

The results of the Czech presidential elections is a signal that majority of Czech voters are not keen on the European Union, and that the country's politics are moving toward those in Poland and Hungary. 

Western countries such as Germany and France, which are calling for deeper integration of Central and Eastern Europe into the EU, may start to lose patience with the region.

Only time will tell what will happen to Slovakia, which seems to be a deserted island in a region where people are revolting against liberal democracy and the EU.


Details from the story:

  • On Jan. 27, Miloš Zeman was reelected as Czech president, defeating pro-western candidate Jiří Drahoš, the former head of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
  • During his five years as president, Zeman survived several scandals, including inappropriate and vulgar behavior, and being drunk in public.
  • Zeman's appereance, behaviour and advanced age -- he is 73 -- raised doubts about his ability to remain president for another five years without any serious health issues.
  • Slovakia will hold its presidential elections in spring 2019.
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