Croatian  priests 'godsplain' women's rights

Croatian bishops put a new spin on "mansplaining" during Easter Mass this year -- they "Godsplained" that Jesus Christ protects women better than any human rights laws.  

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Croatian  priests 'godsplain' women's rights - NewsMavens
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Why this story matters:

If the Catholic clergy in Croatia wants to drive women away from the Church, they may have found a good way to do it. 

In one of the most outrageous examples of what was said from the pulpit, Bosnian cardinal Vinko Puljić said that "only the role that God gave to women will give them their dignity back." He then spurned the Istanbul Convention, an international human rights agreement that conservatives manipulate into a fight against gender equality.

So here is a question for bishops: If more than 86% of Croatians are Catholics, how come reports of domestic violence are so common? Why are women still fighting for equal rights? 

And here is a question for women: when will we stop tolerating these patronizing speeches?

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Details from the story:

  • High-ranking Catholic priests throughout Croatia spoke about the protection of women and importance of motherhood during their Easter services and traditional holiday press events. 
  • Archbishop Josip Bozanić encouraged Croatians to stand by their Catholic Church since "it has answers to many questions." 
  • Croatian archbishops have made it clear that believing in God will do a far better job of protecting women than any legislation.
  • The ongoing debate around ratifying the Istanbul Convention in Croatia was one of the main themes in sermons all over the country this Easter. 
  • Some bishops implicitly referred to abortions as contrary to Christian principles of "protecting human life from conception to death."
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