Senior sex banned from Slovak TV

Slovak TV channel RTVS has censored a non-explicit sex scene out of the award-winning film "Ice Mother" (Baba z ľadu). The plot revolves around a love affair between two people in their sixties. 

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Senior sex banned from Slovak TV - NewsMavens
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Why this story matters:

By censoring the scene, the TV channel has sparked heated conversations about the perception of sex among older adults. Many are linking the taboo around senior sex to unrealistic and non-inclusive depictions of love in entertainment, where love scenes mostly feature young, attractive, and slim people.

The television channel has justified its decision by saying that they feared the audience would file complaints to the Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission if the scene was broadcast. 

According to media analysts, the scene does not infringe upon existing regulations.  

Of late, RTVS has been cautious in all matters, including politics. But to censor a sex scene with actors in their sixties while allowing sex scenes with actors in their twenties cannot be justified by caution alone -- it is plain hypocrisy.  

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Details from the story:

  • "Ice Mother" (Baba z ľadu) won a Czech-Slovak prize Czech Lion as a film of the year. Both of the leading actors were awarded too.
  • The public TV channel was especially concerned by a scene where an older woman applies oil on her body. The director, Bohdan Sláma, requested that the entire scene be cut rather than partially censored.
  • A Variety review praised the film for its topic matter: "Offshore, it should appeal to the underserved 60+ audience segment looking for quality arthouse films about age-appropriate issues."
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