18 Oct 2017

Women to blame for male contempt?

This wave of feminism in Poland has obviously hit a nerve. Polish men are losing control over their thoughts and arguments.

Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Source: Wysokie Obcasy
Women to blame for male contempt? - NewsMavens

Why this story matters:

A few weeks ago, the conservative online program wRealu24 had lawyer Roman Sklepowicz on its show. Sklepowicz is often invited by state media to speak as an expert. He went ahead and divided women into two groups: those who were "fuckable" and those who were "unfuckable". And, as you can guess, the "unfuckables" are feminists who attend anti-abortion protests. Sklepowicz said that's where women go if they haven't had enough sex or male interest. They're ugly, no one wants them, they haven't got anything else to do. Sklepowicz made a great display of hate speech and he was deservedly wiped-out by a wave of criticism. He was spared only by state media which decided to ignore his comments but it's unlikely he'll be back on their shows anytime soon. So if there is a silver lining to any of it, it's that at least one sexist has been sidelined by the media. 

Sklepowicz's performance started a discussion -- why are men so aggressive? Psychologist and psychotherapist Wojciech Kruczyński said neopatriarchy is to blame.

He says we live in times when men, liberated by liberalism, have lost their sense of the honorable, and liberated women have lost their sense of shame. In emancipating themselves, women have also emancipated men from convention and from a sense of honor. Did Kruczyński mean that women are to blame for men's obnoxiousness? Seems so: "For they have sown the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind," Kruczyński said, apparently validating Sklepowicz's rant.

Wysokie Obcasy journalist Paulina Reiter couldn't let that go. In her article she directed at Kruczyński not below-the-belt punches but heavy artillery -- sound and logical arguments:

"So now what? Emancipated from our patriarchal, stereotypical roles we must face the fact that men have also been emancipated? And now that they can finally behave naturally -- they can finally, openly hate women?"

Reiter points the finger at Kruczyński's scandalous words because they justify male aggression. In light of the recent Harvey Weinstein storm, Kruczyński should be all the more embarrassed by his words. Reiter asks her readers to "dothe opposite of what Kruczyński advised -- do NOT be a quiet observer. Blow the whistle on rudeness, on bullying, on abuse, on contempt and on violence."

This wave of feminism in Poland has obviously hit a nerve. Polish men are losing control over their thoughts and arguments. And more and more often, they unwittingly condemn men as well with their rambling tirades. And feminists are finding no joy in this grotesque spectacle. As Reiter rightly said: "Feminism is not the fight for matriarchy, but for partnership, equality".

Details from the story:

  • Wojciech Kruczyński, a psychologist and psychiatrist, said women are responsible for men losing their honor and becoming "oafs"
  • Journalism Paulina Reiter calls for whisle blowers to fight rudeness, bullying, abuse, contempt and violence. 
  • Feminism liberates women and men. It is not a fight for the matriarchy but a fight for equality

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