Olga Mecking
Olga Mecking NewsMavens, Europe
Children whose native tongue is English or Western European are praised for their bilingualism but those who speak other languages are not.
Agnieszka Jucewicz
Agnieszka Jucewicz Wysokie Obcasy, Global
You can’t drink red wine every day, you will tire of it eventually -- an interview with the psychologist Bartłomiej Dobroczyński.
Dialekti Angeli
Dialekti Angeli NewsMavens, Greece
Coverage of the Zefyri rape case by some news outlets in Greece have turned the crime into a press spectacle and blamed the victim for the brutal violence she suffered.
Paulina Reiter
Paulina Reiter Wysokie Obcasy, Global
For years, both male and female orgasms were regarded as the culmination of sexual intercourse. Today, we finally know that women’s physiology plays by its own rules. An interview with the sexologist Alicja Długołęcka.
Ada Petriczko
Ada Petriczko Wysokie Obcasy, Global
17-year-old Lizzie Velasquez fought back against those who called her "the ugliest woman in the world" by leading a campaign against bullying. Now, at 29-years-old, she continues her fight for victims to be heard.
Krystyna Romanowska
Krystyna Romanowska Wysokie Obcasy, Global
What happens if we are forced to choose between our partner or our peace of mind?
Tijana Cvjeticanin
Tijana Cvjeticanin Femfacts NewsMavens, Europe
Croatian campaigners against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention have based their protests on a series of claims whose factual accuracy was evaluated by the #Femfacts fact-checking team.
Dorota Wodecka
Dorota Wodecka Wysokie Obcasy, Global
For a jealous person, a single misdirected glance by their partner means they are thinking of cheating. And if their partner doesn’t look at anyone else at all? Then something is definitely going on.
Alexandra Borchardt
Alexandra Borchardt NewsMavens, Europe
How can we protect democracy if we only speak to Siri or Alexa but not each other? Democracy is based on the premise that everyone can express themselves, but it also implies other people are listening. Maybe it's time for a real-life conversation.
Agnieszka Jucewicz
Agnieszka Jucewicz Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Educational institutions do not want to change. Fresh visions are quickly replaced by bureaucracy, control, sanctions and all other kinds of idiocy -- an interview with Jesper Juul.
Karolina Domagalska
Karolina Domagalska Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Instead of doing chores or going to work on October 24, 1975, 90% of Iceland's women went on strike. And by working together they brought the country to a halt.
Agnieszka Jucewicz
Agnieszka Jucewicz Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Even if people realize that intimacy is missing in their life, they blame it on people being selfish, disregarding the fact that the fault lies with them -- an interview with psychologist Zofia Milska-Wrzosińska.
Elizabeth Walsh
Elizabeth Walsh Producer, Al Jazeera English, Europe
Sweden certainly thinks so and wants the rest of the world to follow suit: recently, they released a handbook as a resource and guide for other nations to put the equal rights at the forefront of their strategies abroad.
Bożena Aksamit
Bożena Aksamit Wysokie Obcasy, Global
“I keep fighting with my husband because my father never hugged me” and "My despotic mother destroyed my confidence” -- should we blame our parents for our problems?
Zuzanna Ziomecka
Zuzanna Ziomecka Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland
By now most of us have heard that women’s perspectives are globally underrepresented in newsrooms. But do we have any idea what would happen if the opposite were true? Actually, at Newsmavens we do.
Karolina Zbytniewska
Karolina Zbytniewska Euractiv, Europe
There's a ray of hope for resolving the almost 20-year frozen spat between Belgrade and Pristina, and for finalizing this divorce case once and for all. But not for long.
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Pessimism, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt and other symptoms of depression can clash with the traditional image of a man and make him fear for his masculinity.
Sian Norris
Sian Norris NewsMavens, Europe
Throughout Central and Eastern Europe a new cultural era is emerging that condemns liberal values as an attack on tradition, faith, national pride, and family. Welcome to 2018 in Romania, Hungary and Poland. Is your country next?
Anna J. Dudek
Anna J. Dudek Wysokie Obcasy, Global
From an early age, a child tries things that excite and stimulate them, but when they realize that their ideas clash with adult expectations -- they lose their zeal.
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk Wysokie Obcasy, Global
If teenagers quarrel, can’t communicate and lack emotional intelligence it’s not because at some point in history they started being born like this. It’s because we began raising them this way.
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