14 Jun 2019

The lesbian conspiracy for world domination

Lesbians only report violence (or invent it) to gain more power according to a French far-right website that fears what they describe as an "international LGBT campaign".

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The lesbian conspiracy for world domination - NewsMavens
Melania Geymonat with her girlfriend Chris, Twitter

What is the claim?

The website, ironically bearing the name "Equality and Reconciliation", claims that "dykes [ed: a derogatory term for lesbians] are in need of stars to promote woman-woman sexuality in the media". It refers to the cover of French LGBT magazine Têtu's previous issue, celebrating ten important French Lesbian figures. Judging the selection as "not blazing", the unnamed author of the article hopes that “with the growing number of men turning into women the next top 10 in 2020 will offer something better looking."

The article claims that this focus on lesbians in an LGBT magazine comes as a part of "an international LGBT campaign".

"As it happens, in England, two lesbians had themselves attacked [sic] by a group of boys", continues the author who criticizes the fact that the French State Secretary for gender equality and the fight against discriminations Marlène Schiappa tweeted about it.

As she says in her Tweet:

"The conditions of this aggression are not anecdotal. As many militants against lesbophobia remark, they show:

1) how lesbians are represented in an hetero-normed imaginary world

2) the need to deconstruct this as young as possible"

According to Egalité et Réconciliation, talking about and denouncing this attack is an attempt "to politically increase the value of one community":

"An attack against a person belonging to a minority should not be an aggravating circumstance because when a pensioner is attacked, although he doesn't belong to a minority, he suffers as much as a lesbian when he is attacked (sic). The same goes for white men", the article continues.

"One can see clearly that the media-political system tries to sell us a sexual superiority (the lesbian is worth more than a man for instance) through the bias of the so-called suffering of minorities, suffering pushed forward at any given occasion, circumstantial suffering but also structural suffering: lesbians' pain is an intangible fact, a postulate. The problem is that suffering is not quantifiable and therefore not comparable. Sexual racism cannot be allowed," the author writes.

É&R is not shy in implying that lesbians are using the violence they suffered to gain more power. And as power is allegedly their goal, they could even be lying about being attacked:

"...the power of acting minorities increases with the aggressions they suffer or say they suffer. It is therefore in their interest to push forward those aggressions, to value the ones they are victims of and devalue the others (those suffered by non-discriminated people), or to invent them.

The article reaches its end with a verbal spin to defuse accusations of homophobia:

"On the other hand, if one considers that lesbianism is an attack against morality, everything (ed: the strategy of pushing forward being victims of attacks to gain power) falls apart. But we won't go that far, this was just to show the limits of the operation 'the power goes to those (women) who suffer'," the author writes.

The article concludes with another mention of the so-called "LGBT-globalist offensive" that "keeps on going without any obstacle," referring to the news that 25 streets and squares of Paris will receive the names of historical figures of the LGBT movement.

What are the facts?

The attack the article refers to happened on May 30 in a bus during the night. A couple, Melania and Chris, were riding on the bus when a group of young men started to harass them, demanding that they kiss in front of them. According to their statement to the police and the media, they tried to defuse the situation but ended up being beaten. According to Melania,  "They started behaving like hooligans, demanding that we kiss so they could enjoy watching, calling us ‘lesbians’ and describing sexual positions". A photo used in the media covering the story, and shared by Melania, shows the two women visibly shaken with their faces covered in blood.

The group of men also stole a bag and a phone according to the police. Since the attack, several young men have been arrested. British politicians have reacted to what is considered a hate crime, as the two women were clearly targeted for being lesbians.  

Aggressions against members of the LGBT community seem to be on the rise in France, where the website is based. According to a survey by the Ifop Institute reported on by AFP in May 2019, more than one out of five members of the LGBT community have been the victim of a physical attack during their lives. It is a "significant increase" of five points since the last survey conducted in June 2018. All in all, 55% of members of the LGBT community reported having faced an attack, physical or not. It is also important to keep in mind that only 27% of the people who responded to the survey have reported their aggression to the police, while the majority of them keep trying to be "invisible" to avoid violence (by not holding hands or kissing in public, for instance).

The situation is no better in England, where the attack on the bus took place. According to a 2017 report by the Stonewall Charity, "One in five LGBT people [had] experienced a hate crime or incident because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity in the last 12 months". More lesbians (21%) than gay men (19%) "experienced a hate crime or incident in the last year because of their sexual orientation", the report reads.

It is also noted that "the number of lesbian, gay and bisexual people who have experienced a hate crime or incident in the last year because of their sexual orientation has risen by 78 per cent from 9 per cent in 2013 to 16 per cent in 2017".

While É&R claims that lesbians are trying to get attention by way of these attacks, the situation shows that, on the contrary, lesbians tend to be invisible and find it hard to be recognized and acknowledged, due to the way they are treated in society. The word "lesbian" has been captured for the use of made-for-heterosexual-men porn and sexual fantasy, as shown by the attack in London and any search on the Internet. "It happened to me as well when I was questioning my sexuality. You search on the Internet and you find only porn. It is an erasure and one asks: 'where are the real lesbians?' They are all the way down on page 14, 15", says Fanchon Mayaudon, founder of the association SEO Lesbienne, in a video interview for Le Figaro.

The national visibility day of lesbians on June 24 aims to help to correct this situation. For it has consequences not only in the way aggressions are responded to by the authorities, but also the way lesbians have access to information, or how they are treated medically when it comes to sexual health.

The AJL (Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans journalists) notes that lesbians suffer double discrimination as women and as lesbians. "Gay men are invited to talk about LGBT issues", notes the association, while lesbians, when they appear "miraculously" in the media, are often stereotyped as manly and without a sexual life. "Let's be accurate when we are talking about of lesbians, especially since their problems are not necessarily the same as gay men's. To talk about a mixed group, let's prefer to say 'gays and lesbians' rather than only 'homosexuals'", AJL advises.

Who is making the claim?

Égalité et Réconciliation presents itself as "a trans-currents association, leftist work and rightist values, against the bobo (bourgeois-bohème)-libertarian left and the liberal right". In 2016 the researcher Antoine Bevort noted that far-right websites were more popular in terms of traffic than the website of the main French institutions like the National Assembly and the Élysée. É&R was also the most popular information website with more than 8 million visitors per year at the time, according to Alexa. It has 32,000 followers on Twitter.

The website’s popularity is partly a result of the popularity of the Égalité et Réconciliation’s président, Alain Soral, a French-Swiss far-right ideologist who was a member of the far-right party Front National in France for several years. He is considered to be very close to Dieudonné, a humorist known for heavy antisemitism and Holocaust denial in his performances. In the past decade, Alain Soral has been sentenced several times in court for "provoking hatred, discrimination or violence", "provoking racial hatred", "denial of crimes against humanity", "racist or antisemitic insults" and more.

Soral’s publishing house Kontre Kulture has published books such as "Fragrans Feminae (on gynaecocracy)" and "Don Juan's Hell" by Felix Niesche, which are promoted on É&R, in which the author claims that feminism has ruined men and the entire society.

His website offers a mix of contents on current politics, posts by guests from similar websites, conspiracy theories, homophobia, clickbait articles, etc. Some headlines, for example, read "Breaking News: (radio) France Inter's mediator Bruno was a transvestite", "Consequence of the globalist propaganda: the Church is attacked from all sides", "Has Israel hypnotized the world?".


Besides the horrendous use of derogatory terms against lesbians and the general homophobic tone of the article, the author clearly tries to downplay the violence LGBT people and especially lesbians are victims encounter. We consider this biased reporting. We also see misrepresentation in the way it portrays lesbians as power-seekers, prepared to lie to gain visibility -- a clear attempt to spin the story to divert attention from the real violence lesbian women are facing due to their sexual orientation.


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