20 Dec 2018

230 feminist organizations worth supporting in Europe

If you want to focus your donations on local initiatives around Europe -- especially those that help women -- our team of writers have come together to create this list for you.

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230  feminist organizations worth supporting in Europe - NewsMavens
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As the technology to collect donations for causes and crowdfund seed money for projects develops, the number of ideas and groups asking for support has grown into an impenetrable crowd. The big charities with the most funding dominate the view, crowding out many interesting, smaller players working closest to the ground in local contexts. That's why we created the list below - for those of you interested in donating to organizations in Europe that focus on women's rights.

Of course, we couldn’t possibly feature all the worthwhile organizations out there -- so please consider the list as more of an inspiration than an exhaustive guide. 


BiG -- is a German NGO. It specializes in helping women, namely victims of domestic violence since 1993. Its speciality is counselling for women who have experienced all sorts of partner violence. It also provides mobile counselling for refugee women who experienced the same. It has published numerous guides on how different professionals can help and support survivors of domestic violence, and has worked with the government on amending the laws on domestic violence. If you want to donate money, just click on the “Spenden” button.


Slovak-Czech Women’s Fund supports all sorts of initiatives that promote women’s rights in the region. It focuses primarily on coordinating the efforts and designing different cooperation strategies for the NGOs that work in the two countries. It raises funds and delivers them to different feminist organizations, and provides training. You can support them with donations, in-kind contributions, or as a volunteer.


Federation for Women and Family Planning. Women’s reproductive rights are a constant source of tension in Poland. Polish law on abortion is one of the most restrictive in Europe, and if you followed the European news over the last few years, you couldn’t have failed to read about the Black Protests -- when women came out to fight for their reproductive rights in hundreds of thousands. You can make a donation by pessing the Details button on the linked page.


Be Free social cooperative is a group that runs safe houses for the victims of trafficking, violence and discrimination. Human trafficking is a major problem in Italy, with hundreds of trafficked women being smuggled into the country disguised as refugees. You can make a donation using the IBAN on their homepage


SAVERA UK tackles domestic violence and abuse in Black Minority Ethnic communities, and provides support to the people who’ve suffered from honor-based abuse and female genital mutilation. Savera focuses on teaching professionals not to be afraid of overstepping cultural lines when tackling domestic abuse, and to correctly recognize its signs. You can donate money and apply to volunteer here.


MoiAussiAmnesie is a French feminist collective that connects survivors of sexual assault while also collecting their stories and advocating on their behalf. They are additionally trying to change French law to take into account the suppressed memory effect, and extend the statutory limitation of reporting such crimes. You can make a donation here.


Nas most (Our Bridge), is a small charity from the town of Zenica. It is a cultural association which gathers self-taught local artists of advanced age with the aim to promote art as a tool of social inclusion of vulnerable groups. The core member team of 6 amateur artists voluntarily run a small art gallery which has a permanent art collection of over 30 amateur painters (most of whom are 60+ years old), who, due to the country's devastated social protection and retirement system, live on the edge of poverty. They organize exhibitions, art colonies and art classes for vulnerable social groups such as elderly women, girls, and youth with disabilities. Message them on Facebook to find out about donations.


ЕВА (EVE) ‒ focuses on helping women with HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis. Russia has the highest rate of HIV infection in Europe, which is not likely to decline any time soon. The government cannot meet the demand for drugs and consultations, and does little to fight the stigma that HIV-positive people must face. EVE is one of several organizations that provides the necessary resources to HIV-positive women though peer consultations, and needle exchange programmes. You can make a donation though this website.


Want to help someone nearer to home -- or farther away? Click here to browse our extensive list of organizations and support a feminist cause close to your heart.


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