20 Dec 2018

One year later -- woke but no wiser

As we say farewell to the old year and ring in the new, NewsMavens takes a look back at the psychology feature articles we loved so well in 2018. Let's hope we gleaned enough good advice from them to stand a fighting chance in 2019.

Jessica Sirotin
Jessica Sirotin NewsMavens, Europe
One year later -- woke but no wiser - NewsMavens
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Over the past year -- wonderful faceless NewsMavens friends and commentators -- we have somehow navigated this sea of troubles that we called 2018. 

Women's woes -- back to basics

We hit the ground running by talking about our bodies -- because no one else seems to be doing enough of this. Menstruation and Menopause were high up on the list of female conditions that both negatively and positively affect our lives, yet remain often unaddressed in mainstream European media. Honestly, considering that these issues affect all women, pretty much universally, the lack of public dialogue is a crying shame. (When you wind up publishing an article talking about talking about Menopause, it really makes you stop and think.)

Somersaulting dragons or the art of good sex in the Netflix era

Sex was in demand this past year -- when isn't it? However, its not as simple as you believe… Our most popular article kept it simple but highly practical -- sometimes, and more often than you think, women really don’t feel like having sex. Why? Because we have hobbies, we have a desperate need for sleep and we have Netflix queues to dive into. 

Yet even when we feel our interest in the physical returning, it’s still hard to go the distance if we don't pay enough attention to the quality -- take the whole issue of quantity out of your mind, that just leads to injury.  Great sex requires imagination, communication, affection, trust and according to one of our most popular articles -- a rather inspiring degree of flexibility -- so hurting yourself won’t get you anywhere except back on the couch and binge watching. 

Of course, sometimes our relationships are just not built to go the distance.  And when that happens we might find ourselves being asked to consider opening our relationship -- but unless that is by mutual consent and desire (which is great, do your thing!) -- it can be all kinds of problematic. Or maybe someone starts looking elsewhere? Sadly, there is an endless list of reasons why a relationship might end.

Right and wrong ways to traumatize your family

If we have managed to crawl out of the bedroom by this point, don’t think our problems are gone -- they're still there, except now they look like our kids -- and they have questions -- lots of them pressing ones -- about life, death, same sex relationships and whether it is okay for them to run around naked (yes, it is okay when they are small). Child rearing is always a hot topic -- nothing brings out the online commentator like the chance to offer parenting advice. 

The only more burning issue is how much we should blame our parents for all of our unresolved issues about sex, relationships and talking to our children. Emotionally abusive parents, over protective ones, and those who can never be pleasedthey left their mark on us. :(

What, me worry?

So does all this leave you anxious? Maybe you shouldn’t worry so much -- anxiety's not good for you. I was actually worrying about worrying last night --  honestly, even with all this pragmatism it's easy to forget common sense in the moment. 

Of course all this sort of guidance makes up 90% of the content you will find in most feature articles aimed at women -- ours are no exception. Sadly, our need for this kind of advice will only fade when the world starts listening and acting on this stuff -- or if life suddenly starts getting a lot easier. 

So, dearest readers, have a great 2019, and even though this merry go round called “life” will never stop, you are not alone -- we’re all along for the ride.


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