Karolina Zbytniewska
Karolina Zbytniewska Euractiv, Europe
There's a ray of hope for resolving the almost 20-year frozen spat between Belgrade and Pristina, and for finalizing this divorce case once and for all. But not for long.
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Pessimism, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt and other symptoms of depression can clash with the traditional image of a man and make him fear for his masculinity.
Sian Norris
Sian Norris NewsMavens, Europe
Throughout Central and Eastern Europe a new cultural era is emerging that condemns liberal values as an attack on tradition, faith, national pride, and family. Welcome to 2018 in Romania, Hungary and Poland. Is your country next?
Anna J. Dudek
Anna J. Dudek Wysokie Obcasy, Global
From an early age, a child tries things that excite and stimulate them, but when they realize that their ideas clash with adult expectations -- they lose their zeal.
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk Wysokie Obcasy, Global
If teenagers quarrel, can’t communicate and lack emotional intelligence it’s not because at some point in history they started being born like this. It’s because we began raising them this way.
Alexandra Borchardt
Alexandra Borchardt Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Media literacy is a critical skill -- and older audiences need it just as much as younger ones.
Anna Szydlarska
Anna Szydlarska Wysokie Obcasy, Global
If the first child turns our life upside down like a hurricane, we welcome the second with the patience of an experienced meteorologist. Nearly everything can be foreseen, leaving time and space for new activities.
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk Wysokie Obcasy, Global
A child usually won’t tell someone that they have been abused. But they do send subtle signals and it’s the adult’s responsibility to pick up on them and take the appropriate action.
Agnieszka Jucewicz
Agnieszka Jucewicz Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Toxic parents will never change and children will continue to suffer their parents’ abuse years later, even when they’re fully grown.
Zuzanna Ziomecka
Zuzanna Ziomecka Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland
Ron Heifetz, one of the world's leading authorities on leadership, explains the defensive mechanisms triggered by scandal in the Catholic Church and how society and the faithful can help save the church by holding it to task.
Elizabeth Walsh
Elizabeth Walsh International Producer, Europe
This week marks the start of the prestigious Venice Film Festival, but of the 21 films that are competing, only one was directed by a woman. “The Nightingale,” by Australian filmmaker Jennifer Kent, is a gothic thriller about a woman seeking revenge.
Krystyna Romanowska
Krystyna Romanowska Wysokie Obcasy, Global
"I rarely encounter relationships in which a woman uses contraception without the approval of her partner" -- an interview with a sexologist reveals the challenges of making an informed and equal decision when it comes to contraception.
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Reprimanding your son or daughter for touching their genitals is as bad as introducing the “no clothes” rule in the house -- an interview with psychologist Aleksandra Józefowska.
Aleksandra Lipczak
Aleksandra Lipczak Wysokie Obcasy, Global
When I started to give interviews about my newest film "Summer 1993", they asked me, “Why are there no women making films?” I blew up at them. “What do you mean? But there are!”
Alicja Długołęcka
Alicja Długołęcka Wysokie Obcasy, Global
In a world overflowing with romance, passionate sex and enduring desire, the occasional lack of a sex drive can be a complicated and rather awkward matter.
Elizabeth Walsh
Elizabeth Walsh International Producer, Europe
Those who want #MeToo to be over, who want women to move on, might be more comfortable pointing women in the direction of a broken system rather than taking responsibility for the culture that harmed them. Yet they, like abusers, must be challenged.
Agnieszka Jucewicz
Agnieszka Jucewicz Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Do you have a loving partner but are constantly afraid they will leave you? Do you feel paralysed by the new and unexpected? Where do these fears come from? -- an interview with the psychiatrist Professor Bogdan de Barbaro.
Paulina Reiter
Paulina Reiter Wysokie Obcasy, Global
The subject of sex among senior citizens still remains taboo. Generally ignored or regarded as a distasteful and shameful matter, it's no wonder seniors feel embarrassed and try to conceal their sexuality.
Agnieszka Jucewicz
Agnieszka Jucewicz Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Like hamsters on a wheel, perfectionists run as fast as they can but they never reach the finish line. All they do is wear themselves out.
Karolina Domagalska
Karolina Domagalska Wysokie Obcasy, Global
"When people say that they are going to fight for equality, for equal pay, with regard to color, that doesn’t apply to me. When people talk about race, it’s much easier to understand two skin colors than eight."

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