Daiva Repeckaite
Daiva Repeckaite NewsMavens, Lithuania
Most of Lithuania's high ranking politicians are men -- even when women rise in the civil service ranks, they don't get political appointments.
Nataša Vajagić
Nataša Vajagić NewsMavens, Europe
Policemen who arrest sex workers without sexually exploiting them are nothing short of heroes, according to one Croatian journalist.
Olga Wiechnik
Olga Wiechnik Wysokie Obcasy, Global
It is very easy to destroy people’s curiosity and creativity. It is important for me that people try to understand instead of criticizing. -- an interview with open hardware pioneer Limor Fried.
Lydia Morrish
Lydia Morrish NewsMavens, United Kingdom
Decades of prescriptions have incorporated a 7-day break for taking the contraceptive pill. But new guidelines contravene this practice. Were they originally prescribed in this way to please the Pope?
Karolina Sulej
Karolina Sulej Wysokie Obcasy, Global
We’re not a simple species. We focus on ourselves, not in an affirmative way, but in a masochistic one. It’s always about ourselves, and its always painful.
Alexandra Borchardt
Alexandra Borchardt Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
The rift between big metropolitan areas and the countryside has grown. Now the urban class is pitted against everything from deep suburbia to the last provincial backwater -- and journalism has something to do with it.
Nataša Vajagić
Nataša Vajagić NewsMavens, Europe
Reports on women in male-dominated industries are often sexist and sensationalist, focusing on their physical appearance and presenting them as exotic and delicate “flowers” among their rough male colleagues.
Olena Churanova
Olena Churanova NewsMavens, Europe
Men’s Health Russia offers advice from sex educators who aim to enlighten Russian men about this fairly taboo topic. But the articles tend to not just flirt with misogyny -- sometimes they go all the way.
Lidija Pisker
Lidija Pisker NewsMavens, Balkans
According to a popular blogger and author of self help books from Serbia, "Women with no children will die alone. Their dead bodies will be found only when they start to decompose and stink."
Sian Norris
Sian Norris NewsMavens, Europe
The final article in Sian Norris’ four part series on Spiked’s representation of feminism asks whether the magazine is hypocritical in its calls for free speech.
Sian Norris
Sian Norris NewsMavens, Europe
In the third of a series of four articles exposing how Spiked misrepresents feminism, Sian Norris looks at its reporting of the Kavanaugh hearings, and asks if sexual harassment accusations are being used by women to terrorize men.
Sian Norris
Sian Norris NewsMavens, Europe
In the second of a series four articles, Sian Norris explores how Spiked writers make it impossible for feminists to raise issues of misogyny and double-standards by claiming that women play the “sexism card” to avoid accountability.
Nataša Vajagić
Nataša Vajagić NewsMavens, Europe
Sexism is all too often viewed as an appropriate marketing tool by Croatian media and advertisers. But now a group of activists have come up with a great way to prove them wrong using both social media and the law.
Iris Pase
Iris Pase NewsMavens, Europe
Despite suspicions of mental illness, an Italian woman who killed herself and her twins was branded an “uncaring mother” by the Italian press.
Magdalena Środa
Magdalena Środa Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Oscar-nominated film director Agnieszka Holland discusses gender equality, #MeToo, and the importance of protesting for gender equality.
Sian Norris
Sian Norris NewsMavens, Europe
Spiked, a UK-based magazine, claims to defend freedom of speech but their misrepresentation of feminism undermine women’s freedoms. Now there are questions about how their defense of hate speech dovetails with the “intent” of a right wing US backer.
Lidija Pisker
Lidija Pisker NewsMavens, Balkans
Serbian journalist Tomislav Tomo Lovreković published an anti-feminist article entitled “A year passes without an orgasm in sight!". In it, he claims feminists are women “who nobody wants to have sex with."
P. Sterczewski
P. Sterczewski NewsMavens, Europe
A woman in a vegetative state is raped and becomes pregnant. However, some Polish media sites have questions about that.
Zuzanna Ziomecka
Zuzanna Ziomecka Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland
Let’s consider ourselves prepared on topics related to motivation or self-discipline. Instead, let's spend that energy on learning more, becoming better at what we do, and helping the men around us see how unreal the playing field is.
Olena Churanova
Olena Churanova NewsMavens, Europe
Men's magazines are a well-known source of stereotypes and sexism. But an article instructing men on how to fight a woman is a whole new level.
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