Karolina Sulej
Karolina Sulej Wysokie Obcasy, Global
I know the struggle one undergoes when caught between social pressure and the desire to be oneself -- an interview with politician Robert Biedroń.
Marion Dautry
Marion Dautry NewsMavens, Europe
A Europe-wide movement determined to roll back women’s reproductive rights frequently uses websites posing as media outlets to advance its agenda. Recently their French branch seized the opportunity to promote anti-choice views.
Paula Szewczyk
Paula Szewczyk Wysokie Obcasy, Global
Paula Szewczyk interviews author Paweł Smoleński on the cultural changes taking place in Somalia and the evolving role of its women.
Tijana Cvjeticanin
Tijana Cvjeticanin Istinomjer, Bosnia and Herzegovina
“The professor was introduced to the findings of a new study by its author and two contributing researchers.” There are four people in this sentence and many journalists in the Balkans would assume there are four men -- even if they were all women.
P. Sterczewski
P. Sterczewski NewsMavens, Europe
Thousands of “cyber warriors” are out there fighting the “culture wars” against pop culture heroines, gamers, and even women scientists. Their goal? To put opinionated women back into their passive, docile place.
Dialekti Angeli
Dialekti Angeli NewsMavens, Greece
In Greece, some in the media are quick to reproduce fake news and lies. Such was the case with this attempt to discredit the current administration by attacking a young woman.
Iris Pase
Iris Pase NewsMavens, Europe
When the World Congress of Families meeting in Verona, Italy was publicly criticized, the organizers claimed that feminists and other “élites” were spreading “fake news” to discredit them.
Anabella Costache
Anabella Costache NewsMavens, Europe
Spanish online journal "Actuall" claims that children are “victims of feminism” and that mothers are out to “destroy the paternal figure”.
Beata Balogova
Beata Balogova NewsMavens, Europe
Why Fico and Danko describe journalists as an “aggressive gang”
Madeleine Schwartz
Madeleine Schwartz NewsMavens, Europe
The foreign policy establishment has been lamenting its death for half a century. But Atlanticism has long been a convenient myth.
Sian Norris
Sian Norris NewsMavens, Europe
Sensationalist media reporting following the death of a young woman in Switzerland have focused on the boyfriend’s defence that the death was a result of “sex game gone wrong”. This mix of sex and violence has set the tabloid press on fire.
Zuzanna Ziomecka
Zuzanna Ziomecka Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland
The significance of the teachers strike which has paralyzed the Polish school system since April 8 is far greater than the salary negotiations that triggered it.
Lidija Pisker
Lidija Pisker NewsMavens, Balkans
A Bosnian teacher was posting selfies on her social media accounts -- like millions of people -- then one day a local newspaper decided to publicly shame her.
Julija Ovsec
Julija Ovsec NewsMavens, Europe
According to one Slovenian journalist, women on bikes are essentially a peep show for male drivers and passers-by to enjoy.
Nataša Vajagić
Nataša Vajagić NewsMavens, Europe
How do you write about a thirteen-year-old girl pregnant with the child of a thirty-year-old man without once mentioning the word abuse?
Vera Mulder
Vera Mulder NewsMavens, Europe
Every now and then, I write about a moment I've shared with someone I didn't know personally. A moment that broke a spell or explained something elusive.
Sian Norris
Sian Norris NewsMavens, Europe
In his inaccurate review of Caroline Criado-Perez’s “Invisible Women”, writer Toby Young seems to believe that privately-educated women don’t experience sex-based oppression.
P. Sterczewski
P. Sterczewski NewsMavens, Europe
Teachers all over Poland are preparing for a strike on April 8 to demand higher wages and more secure jobs. The ruling party appears unwilling to meet their demands so far, but one of its members did have some advice for the protesters.
Marion Dautry
Marion Dautry NewsMavens, Europe
Who cares about French Muslim women's opinion about their choice to wear a hijab? Not the French media it seems.
Alexandra Borchardt
Alexandra Borchardt Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Journalism startup The Correspondent received $2.6 million in donations from its recent crowdfunding campaign -- but controversy exploded when its 40% of US backers realized that it was not going to be based out of the US.

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