The domain NewsMavens is no more associated with the previous owners

As we all know, the internet is flooded with information of all kinds. Different people or organizations with different intentions use websites for leveraging their purpose.

There are many purposes behind the use of domains, some are good & some are bad.

Also, many people as well as organizations don’t renew their domain after a specific period or once their actual motive gets accomplished, which means they want to get rid of it.

Moreover, a domain could have a bad history associated with it in the past, however, it doesn’t mean anyone who decides to buy or acquire that domain will also have the same intentions.

So, this is our first post to clarify that, NewsMavens.Com is recently acquired by us.  We are not associated in any way with its past owners, its history, or past intentions. Yeah, we have a completely new vision for NewsMavens now and we’re going to stick to our purpose & vision.

Our vision behind acquiring NewsMavens is pretty straight forward that, we’re aiming to provide quality & verified technology-related information and our hand vetted technology gadget reviews for our new set of audience. Yeah, very soon this whole site will be revamped to its new version and we do not have any bad intention or association with any organization or person who has bad intentions for this domain.

Thanks for reading.!