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Politician who accused high-ranking officials of pedophilia faces extradition

Neringa Venckienė, a former judge and parliament member who fled from Lithuania to the U.S. in 2013, has been charged with violating a court order over the custody of her niece, whom she claims was abused.
Daiva Repeckaite recommended by Daiva Repeckaite NewsMavens, Malta
13 Mar 2018 Malta

Court ruling triggers new law about sexual consent

On March 5, France’s equality minister, Marlène Schiappa, announced the country will set the legal age of sexual consent at 15. Schiappa believes the measure will help fight violence against children.
Roxanne D'Arco recommended by Roxanne D'Arco NewsMavens, France
12 Mar 2018 France

Welfare sanctions disproportionately affect parents

Germany, Europe's richest economy, has a reputation for having a well-designed welfare state; however, recent government data suggest there is an important flaw with the way welfare sanctions are applied.
Daria Sukharchuk recommended by Daria Sukharchuk NewsMavens, Germany
4 Mar 2018 Germany

Macedonia's child abuse scandal reveals flaws in aid work

The head of a center for troubled minors resigned due to sexual abuse allegations of underage Roma girls. The scandal has uncovered serious problems with Macedonia's child protection system.
Lidija Pisker recommended by Lidija Pisker NewsMavens, Southern Europe
28 Feb 2018 Southern Europe

Attachment therapy could help troubled Flemish youth

In Flanders, nearly half of young people in care facilities or foster families told researchers that they want to hurt themselves or felt suicidal. According to researchers, the way forward lies in specialized family therapy.
Marjan Justaert recommended by Marjan Justaert De Standaard, Belgium
23 Feb 2018 Belgium

Child marriages can happen in Europe

Every year, 15 million girls worldwide are forced to marry before they are 18 years old. The issue is encroaching on Italian society, mostly due to migration flows.
Ingrid Colanicchia recommended by Ingrid Colanicchia MicroMega, Italy
22 Feb 2018 Italy

The risks of forced motherhood

An Estonian mother who wanted to give up her newborn -- but was talked out of it -- has been sentenced to jail along with her husband. The child, born healthy, suffers from blindness, hearing loss and brain damage.
Marta Tuul recommended by Marta Tuul Eesti Ekspress, Estonia
22 Feb 2018 Estonia

Some Irish students can finally 'opt out' of religion classes 

As the population of Ireland diversifies and religious belief weakens, schools must provide alternative options to religious instruction or worship. However, not all children will enjoy that freedom.
Ciara Kenny recommended by Ciara Kenny The Irish Times, Ireland
21 Feb 2018 Ireland

Underage labor case sheds light on regulation issues

A 15-year-old was left with no legal recourse after his employer refused to pay him a summer's worth of wages in Tallinn, causing a public debate around the current labor regulations in Estonia.
Marta Tuul recommended by Marta Tuul Eesti Ekspress, Estonia
19 Feb 2018 Estonia

Word choice matters when reporting on autism treatments

A new drug could be a breakthrough in treating symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. But Balkan media outlets have misled the public by saying the drug is a "cure for autism."
Tijana Cvjeticanin recommended by Tijana Cvjeticanin Istinomjer, Bosnia and Herzegovina
12 Feb 2018 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tiny secret taboos: miscarriages invisible in Estonia

In a small country like Estonia, where there's enormous pressure for people to have children, miscarriages are not discussed. The 500 women who experience them every year conceal their loss.
Marian Männi recommended by Marian Männi Eesti Ekspress, Estonia
9 Feb 2018 Estonia

Mothers pay the price for nursery school shortages in Hungary

The country's critical lack of facilities deprives children of early socialization rituals, and also condemns many women to staying at home.
Ivett Korösi recommended by Ivett Korösi Nepszava, Hungary
7 Feb 2018 Hungary

Social networks urged to crack down on child 'grooming'

Social network safety policies are under question, after a UK children's charity urged social media firms to do more to crack down on online child "grooming".
Lydia Morrish recommended by Lydia Morrish WikiTribune, United Kingdom
5 Feb 2018 United Kingdom

Girl's death exposes cracks in Malta's welfare system

The quality of social services in Malta is being questioned after the death of a 7-year old Nigerian refugee girl. Her parents, who suffered from mental health issues, kept her out of school and away from medical care.
Daiva Repeckaite recommended by Daiva Repeckaite NewsMavens, Malta
29 Jan 2018 Malta

More Estonian school kids are "healing themselves" with drugs

The number of Estonian school children who use drugs to "treat" their depression has doubled over the past 10 years, and the numbers show no sign of slowing down.
Marian Männi recommended by Marian Männi Eesti Ekspress, Estonia
25 Jan 2018 Estonia

Knowledge gap between poor and rich Slovak children is alarming

Each year, Slovak fifth-graders undergo national tests aimed at exposing the level of education of different regions. The 2017 results leave no doubt as to the chances of underprivileged children in comparison with wealthy schoolmates. 
Ria Gehrerová recommended by Ria Gehrerová Denník N, Slovakia
19 Jan 2018 Slovakia
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