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Tallinn is drowning in malls people don't care about

Estonians have more shopping centers per capita than any other European country. More malls are being built, but customers are staying away from the ones already open.
Marian Männi recommended by Marian Männi Eesti Ekspress, Estonia
16 Mar 2018 Estonia

Can unconditional welfare cure unemployment in Finland?

Finland is giving free money to 2,000 randomly-selected unemployed people to see if it encourages them to work. The one-of-a-kind trial is being watched by other countries considering radical forms of welfare.
Lydia Morrish recommended by Lydia Morrish WikiTribune, United Kingdom
22 Jan 2018 United Kingdom

How much money does France make in French-speaking Africa?

France secures access to markets in its 14 former colonies in Africa, to this date, 58 years after independence. How much money does France make in countries that are amongst the poorest in the world?
Guest Mavens recommended by Guest Mavens NewsMavens, Europe
4 Jan 2018 Europe

Gambling machines go dark in Bratislava pubs

A campaign to shut down gaming machines in pubs won widespread support after activists touted the ban as a way to protect families from being hurt by gambling addiction. 
Ria Gehrerová recommended by Ria Gehrerová Denník N, Slovakia
3 Jan 2018 Slovakia

Excise tax debate in Bosnia -- Political marketing Laurel and Hardy style

The months-long saga on excise tax increase reached its finale during the last parliamentary session. Several MPs experienced a bizarre change of heart and offered even more unbelievable explanations of it.
Tijana Cvjeticanin recommended by Tijana Cvjeticanin Istinomjer, Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 Dec 2017 Bosnia and Herzegovina

27 million in vain -- a costly mishap of the Slovak judiciary

When ankle monitors for convicts were introduced in Slovakia, it seemed like an excellent way to save money. Today, we know that the cost of one person with such monitor is about half a million euros. 
Ria Gehrerová recommended by Ria Gehrerová Denník N, Slovakia
20 Dec 2017 Slovakia

Poland tackles one of the most severe social inequalities in Europe

Since the turn of 1989, the share in the income of the richest group of Poles (1% of society) has doubled. Why is Poland one of Europe’s leaders in terms of inequalities?
Zuzanna Piechowicz recommended by Zuzanna Piechowicz Tok FM, Poland
11 Dec 2017 Poland

George Soros breaks his silence 

George Soros, the Hungarian-American financier, is tired of being portrayed as the devil himself by the Hungarian government. He launched an information campaign telling people the truth about his work and the NGOs affiliated with him.
Ivett Korösi recommended by Ivett Korösi Nepszava, Hungary
4 Dec 2017 Hungary

How to get the biggest scoop of your career

When it was first revealed that he had been contacted by the man known to this day as John Doe to receive the explosive data leaked from Mossack-Fonseca, many wondered what black magic Obermayer had used to attract such a bounty.
Editorial Team recommended by Editorial Team NewsMavens, Europe
14 Nov 2017 Europe

Ooops! Slovak fascists lost 20 million in EU funds

The fascist party is not the biggest fan of the EU. They have even initiated a petition proposing to back out of the Union. Their attitude changes only when they need money. 
Ria Gehrerová recommended by Ria Gehrerová Denník N, Slovakia
31 Oct 2017 Slovakia

Is it time to domesticate the unicorns?

While the world's largest companies have been disrupting markets, regulations have struggled to catch them. With some of these unicorns expanding around the world, it's time to think about how to bring them under some semblance of control.
Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau recommended by Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau The Market Mogul, United Kingdom
24 Oct 2017 United Kingdom

When banks lie to lenders -- the Irish Tracker Mortgage Scandal

The "largest scam ever perpetrated on customers in the State", was how David Hall of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation described the tracker mortgage scandal that broke in Ireland this week.
Ciara Kenny recommended by Ciara Kenny The Irish Times, Ireland
23 Oct 2017 Ireland
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