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Poland's register of pedophiles made public in populist move

The Polish Ministry of Justice introduced a public register of “the most dangerous rapists and pedophiles". Yet research shows that such lists are not only ineffective but also demoralizing.
Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk recommended by Magdalena Karst-Adamczyk Wysokie Obcasy, Poland
17 Jan 2018 Poland

Slovakia lifts two childbirth-related fees

Fathers in Slovakia who want to be present for the birth of their child no longer will be charged for the privilege, and expectant mothers will no longer be charged for pain-reliving epidurals.
Ria Gehrerová recommended by Ria Gehrerová Denník N, Slovakia
11 Jan 2018 Slovakia

Romanian doctors stage strike over government funding 

The new year began in Romania with about half of its 10,000 family doctors refusing to renew their contracts with the national health insurance company.
Claudia Ciobanu recommended by Claudia Ciobanu NewsMavenS, Eastern Europe
11 Jan 2018 Eastern Europe

Corporate greed leaves children hungry

A large food catering company is serving nursery schools food that's full of sugar and empty  of nutrition -- leaving parents concerned and young children malnourished.
Marta Tuul recommended by Marta Tuul Eesti Ekspress, Estonia
11 Jan 2018 Estonia

Why Belgium can't get a handle on hit-and-runs

It was a terrible start to 2018: back-to-back hit-and-run accidents where the driver left the scene. Shame on Belgian drivers, who seem to be the slowest learners regarding road safety.
Marjan Justaert recommended by Marjan Justaert De Standaard, Belgium
10 Jan 2018 Belgium

Fraud and malpractice cases shakes Romania’s health system 

Hundreds, maybe thousands of Romanians died waiting for transplants, while the rich and powerful received priority treatments. Yet, this is only one of the recent scandals in the country's health sector.
Ana Maria Luca recommended by Ana Maria Luca NewsMavenS, Eastern Europe
10 Jan 2018 Eastern Europe

No smoking ban called off in Austria 

A ban on smoking in public places has been in place since 2009 in Austria, but restaurants are still allowed to designate a smoking area. A total smoking ban that was to come into effect this May was just blocked.
Julia Sahlender recommended by Julia Sahlender Der Standard, Austria
8 Jan 2018 Austria

Close the tap, Slovakia

Slovakia, proud of its high-quality water, has propagated drinking from the tap in numerous media campaigns. Now, it turns out that some people should switch to bottles again.
Ria Gehrerová recommended by Ria Gehrerová Denník N, Slovakia
8 Jan 2018 Slovakia

What a new soup kitchen for children says about social policy in Bosnia

The alarming percentage of children who live in poverty does not inspire Bosnian governmental officials to act. Instead, they gladly hand over their responsibilities to the civil society.
Lidija Pisker recommended by Lidija Pisker NewSMavens, Southern Europe
3 Jan 2018 Southern Europe

Not a single Maltese drove drunk on New Year's Eve

Malta, which is known for unreliable public transportation and the lack of alternatives such as Uber, is struggling to reduce driving under the influence. Was a police action on New Year's enough to break a national bad habit?
Daiva Repeckaite recommended by Daiva Repeckaite NewsMAVENS, Malta
3 Jan 2018 Malta

Honey, a must-have for Slovak Christmas, is usually no better than sugar

Researchers tested the honey sold in shops before Christmas and the results will disappoint quality food aficionados.
Ria Gehrerová recommended by Ria Gehrerová Denník N, Slovakia
25 Dec 2017 Slovakia

How to slow down at Christmas 

Most Hungarians are still familiarizing themselves with the slow movement. There are slow restaurants and workshops on slow parenting, but this is probably the first time that slow Christmas has been widely celebrated in Budapest.
Ivett Korösi recommended by Ivett Korösi Nepszava, Hungary
25 Dec 2017 Hungary

From sworn virgins to unwanted female fetuses -- gender inequality in Montenegro

Statistics reveal that Montenegro is right up there with East and South Asia and the Caucasus, where imbalanced sex statistics indicate the practice of terminating pregnancies based on the predicted sex of the fetus.
Lidija Pisker recommended by Lidija Pisker NewSMavens, Southern Europe
22 Dec 2017 Southern Europe

Living will -- Catholic Church fights against Italy’s new legislation 

Finally, Italians are allowed to write a living will, in which they specify what actions should be taken in regard to their health if they can no longer decide for themselves. Yet, the Catholic Church will not let it go without a battle.
Ingrid Colanicchia recommended by Ingrid Colanicchia MicroMega, Italy
21 Dec 2017 Italy

People with dementia are forgotten in Estonia

The number of people with dementia will triple in the next 30 years, WHO warns. Estonia already struggles with taking care of its sick elderly, so people seek loopholes in the system.
Marian Männi recommended by Marian Männi Eesti Ekspress, Estonia
21 Dec 2017 Estonia

One in 10 Romanian newborns is premature

One in 10 babies in Romania is premature and in need of special medical care to survive, reminds the NGO Save the Children, launching a near Christmas campaign encouraging Romanian companies to direct 20% of their profit tax to a social cause.
Delia Budurca recommended by Delia Budurca NEWSMAVENS, Romania
20 Dec 2017 Romania

Ireland's abortion regime too cruel even for Trump

The Irish regime threatens women who had an abortion and their doctors with penalties more severe than those generally imposed on child rapists. A referendum likely to be held in summer 2018 may change that. 
Ciara Kenny recommended by Ciara Kenny The Irish Times, Ireland
20 Dec 2017 Ireland

Are pensioners the answer to the labor shortage in Hungary?

In some countries, pensioners spend their years of well-deserved retirement travelling to exotic countries, relaxing in spas and trekking. Hungarian seniors, however, are lured back to the job market.
Ivett Korösi recommended by Ivett Korösi Nepszava, Hungary
19 Dec 2017 Hungary

The wave of anti-vaccination superstitions reaches Bosnia

Anti-vaccination movements, lead by obscure “health gurus”, are increasinly visible in the Balkans. Some online media lend a helpful hand by spreading false information in exchange for precious "clicks and likes”.
Tijana Cvjeticanin recommended by Tijana Cvjeticanin Istinomjer, Bosnia and Herzegovina
15 Dec 2017 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Budapest Public Transport is near inacessible to the disabled

In an interview with Nepszava, Daniel Csango described all the difficulties he and other people with reduced mobility face due to the lack of accessible facilities -- e.g. elevators -- in the Budapest public transport system.
Ivett Korösi recommended by Ivett Korösi Nepszava, Hungary
13 Dec 2017 Hungary
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