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A minister resigned, but Slovaks want more

The murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová have led to the largest demonstrations in Slovakia since the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Protestors share a single demand: an entirely new government.
Ria Gehrerová recommended by Ria Gehrerová Denník N, Slovakia
13 Mar 2018 Slovakia

Voices of gay Roma slowly being heard 

Gay Roma people face multiple forms of discrimination in Romania, but their struggles and stories are suddenly finding an audience willing to listen and take action.
Claudia Ciobanu recommended by Claudia Ciobanu NewsMavens, Central & Eastern Europe
12 Mar 2018 Central & Eastern Europe

Convicted pedophile priest could be reinstated in Italy 

An Italian priest who served 6 years in prison for child molestation could soon be saying mass again after the Catholic Church found him innocent of the same charges. 
Janna Brancolini recommended by Janna Brancolini Kheiro Magazine, Italy
2 Mar 2018 Italy

Serbia drops request for expulsion of Belgian reporter

A Belgian journalist who had been denied a residence permit in Serbia was finally allowed to remain after international organizations intervened. The fact that he was initially denied a permit on political grounds did not escape notice.
Lidija Pisker recommended by Lidija Pisker NewsMavens, Southern Europe
28 Feb 2018 Southern Europe

Refugees create a choir to counter hate propaganda

A group of refugees living in Hungary has created a choir to offer an alternative version to the government's negative depictions, thus taking an important step towards self-representation.
Ivett Korösi recommended by Ivett Korösi Nepszava, Hungary
28 Feb 2018 Hungary

Anger erupts over theater's decision not to publish misconduct report

The board of Dublin’s Gate Theatre, one of Ireland’s longest running theaters, announced this week it will not release a report detailing allegations of inappropriate behavior and abuse of power by the theatre’s former artistic director.
Ciara Kenny recommended by Ciara Kenny The Irish Times, Ireland
28 Feb 2018 Ireland

New election law in Poland -- the art of wasting 145 million euros

Elections in Poland must now be recorded and streamed online. With too little funds and and not enough time to design and install cameras at all polling stations, the move may paralyze the upcoming local elections.
Zuzanna Piechowicz recommended by Zuzanna Piechowicz Tok FM, Poland
28 Feb 2018 Poland

Few Hungarians willing to commemorate Roma victims

Ten years after a wave of hate crimes against Roma, only a handful of people bothered to attend a memorial service for the victims -- and one village refused to erect a statue of one of the victims.
Ivett Korösi recommended by Ivett Korösi Nepszava, Hungary
26 Feb 2018 Hungary

The common struggle of Roma and African Americans

The treatment of African Americans helps to understand the lesser-known plight of Roma people: no longer slaves, both still suffer systemic exploitation, discrimination and abuse.
Claudia Ciobanu recommended by Claudia Ciobanu NewsMavens, Central & Eastern Europe
26 Feb 2018 Central & Eastern Europe

The risks of forced motherhood

An Estonian mother who wanted to give up her newborn -- but was talked out of it -- has been sentenced to jail along with her husband. The child, born healthy, suffers from blindness, hearing loss and brain damage.
Marta Tuul recommended by Marta Tuul Eesti Ekspress, Estonia
22 Feb 2018 Estonia

Homeless Parisians get headcount

Paris conducted its first homelessness study this month, sending city hall employees into the streets to start tallying the numbers.
Lara Bullens recommended by Lara Bullens NewsMavens, Western Europe
20 Feb 2018 Western Europe

Asylum seekers allowed to work in Ireland, with restrictions

Asylum seekers in Ireland have been granted the right to work but must pay up to €1,000 for a permit and are excluded from jobs in 60 sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, construction and childcare. 
Ciara Kenny recommended by Ciara Kenny The Irish Times, Ireland
15 Feb 2018 Ireland

Thou shall not photoshop Jesus -- Spanish court rules

A man was found guilty of committing an offense against religion, after he uploaded a photoshopped picture of Jesus to a social network. In the image he replaced Jesus's face with his own.
Tonina Alomar recommended by Tonina Alomar NewsMavens, Spain
12 Feb 2018 Spain

Belgian protesters halt anti immigration proposal

The Belgian government has halted a bill allowing police to enter private homes of people sheltering immigrants, after the plan led to public outrage, protests, and questions raised by the Prime Minister's own party.
Marjan Justaert recommended by Marjan Justaert De Standaard, Belgium
9 Feb 2018 Belgium

Workers condemn conditions in French retirement homes

Thousands of nurses and retirement home workers staged a national strike in France last week, putting a spotlight on how society treats the elderly.
Roxanne D'Arco recommended by Roxanne D'Arco NewsMavens, France
2 Feb 2018 France

Girl's death exposes cracks in Malta's welfare system

The quality of social services in Malta is being questioned after the death of a 7-year old Nigerian refugee girl. Her parents, who suffered from mental health issues, kept her out of school and away from medical care.
Daiva Repeckaite recommended by Daiva Repeckaite NewsMavens, Malta
29 Jan 2018 Malta

Belgium targets volunteers offering migrants a bed

The Belgian government is considering allowing police to search private homes of people suspected of sheltering undocumented migrants.
Marjan Justaert recommended by Marjan Justaert De Standaard, Belgium
25 Jan 2018 Belgium
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