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Sex and feminism -- the unbalanced bedroom

Psychologist and author Sandra Konrad argues that the male perspective still dictates the way women behave in bed. Her research reveals that women often care more about their partners' desires than their own.
Christine Tragler recommended by Christine Tragler Der Standard, Austria
21 Mar 2018 Austria

Study finds Facebook less gender equal than traditional media

A recent media study found that women are even more objectified on social media than in print media. Furthermore, on Facebook men are featured as experts much more often than women.
Christine Tragler recommended by Christine Tragler Der Standard, Austria
19 Mar 2018 Austria

France is still divided over rock star who killed his girlfriend

Bertrand Cantat was an icon of French rock during the noughties, but his career came to a grinding halt after he was imprisoned for murdering his partner. Now, 15 years later, he is returning to the stage amidst heated debate.
Roxanne D'Arco recommended by Roxanne D'Arco NewsMavens, France
19 Mar 2018 France

Swedish court acquits alleged abuser who "seems to come from a good family"

A man was acquitted of sexually assaulting his partner in Sweden after judges ruled the woman’s claim was not credible. In a ruling which has caused widespread controversy, the court said that it was “not uncommon” for women to lie about assault.
Catherine Edwards recommended by Catherine Edwards NewsMavens, Sweden
19 Mar 2018 Sweden

Norwegian women wear masks against racism

The Norwegian women's movement took a clear anti-racist stance in this year's March 8 demonstrations. The streets of Oslo were filled with people wearing cardboard masks of a young Muslim feminist in a show of solidarity.
Madeleine Schultz recommended by Madeleine Schultz NewsMavens, Norway
16 Mar 2018 Norway

Women in Turkey keep the protest alive

During International Women’s Day, thousands of women marched in Istanbul to demand equality and an end to violence against women. Nowadays, a protest of this size is rare in Turkey.
Guest Mavens recommended by Guest Mavens NewsMavens, Europe
16 Mar 2018 Europe

Spanish politicians change their minds about 8 March 

The resounding impact and scope of the general strike of Spanish women on March 8 prompted many politicians to alter their discourse and adopt a much warmer tone towards the struggle for gender equality.
Tonina Alomar recommended by Tonina Alomar NewsMavens, Spain
14 Mar 2018 Spain

Shorter working hours in a feminist society

Feminist sociologist Frigga Haug proposes a radical reduction of working hours -- a demand that is also found in the Austrian Women's Petition.
Christine Tragler recommended by Christine Tragler Der Standard, Austria
14 Mar 2018 Austria

'Toxic virus of misogyny' plagues Catholic Church, ex-Irish  president says

The "gravitational pull of patriarchy, empire, misogyny and homophobia" has drained respect for the Catholic Church, former Irish President Mary McAleese said at a conference in Rome.
Ciara Kenny recommended by Ciara Kenny The Irish Times, Ireland
14 Mar 2018 Ireland

The cost of taking sexual harassment from a hashtag to the law

Most victims don't report workplace harassment. And when they do, they face costly legal fees, opaque complaints procedures, and health issues.
Lydia Morrish recommended by Lydia Morrish WikiTribune, United Kingdom
13 Mar 2018 United Kingdom

Grassroots initiative showcases women's achievements in Croatia

How many Croatian schoolchildren could name five female scientists? Too few, but there could soon be more thanks to a crowdfunded card game featuring exceptional women from science, culture, politics and arts.
Lidija Pisker recommended by Lidija Pisker NewsMavens, Southern Europe
13 Mar 2018 Southern Europe

How gender equal is Germany?

A dire overview of gender inequalities was released by Die Zeit: smaller salaries, under-representation in upper management of big business and, most surprisingly considering the current head of state, a lack of access to political power.
Daria Sukharchuk recommended by Daria Sukharchuk NewsMavens, Germany
13 Mar 2018 Germany

Court ruling triggers new law about sexual consent

On March 5, France’s equality minister, Marlène Schiappa, announced the country will set the legal age of sexual consent at 15. Schiappa believes the measure will help fight violence against children.
Roxanne D'Arco recommended by Roxanne D'Arco NewsMavens, France
12 Mar 2018 France

Civil society against stagnation in women's rights

While Austrian citizens are increasingly committed to women's causes, the ruling party practices "feminist minimalism". The Minister for Women is against gender quotas and advocates "moderate" change.
Christine Tragler recommended by Christine Tragler Der Standard, Austria
9 Mar 2018 Austria

When abortion is more controversial than anti-semitism

When three activists wore "Abortion is ok" t-shirts on the cover of a magazine, it caused a nationwide scandal. When a woman wearing the logo of an anti-Semitic organization appeared on a cover feature, the magazine's publishers were praised.
Ada Petriczko recommended by Ada Petriczko NewsMavens, Poland
8 Mar 2018 Poland

Women to safeguard Hungarian elections

The Hungarian Women’s Forum is campaigning to get women to volunteer as independent voting inspectors for the elections. They wish to show that, despite the misogynist remarks of male politicians, Hungarian women can keep up with national politics.
Ivett Korösi recommended by Ivett Korösi Nepszava, Hungary
8 Mar 2018 Hungary

Romania’s most powerful politician plays the gender equality card

The president of the Romanian Social Democrats declared his intention to select men and women in equal numbers for the party leadership this week. But analysts say he may have done so to promote a hidden political agenda.
Ana Maria Luca recommended by Ana Maria Luca NewsMavens, Central & Eastern Europe
7 Mar 2018 Central & Eastern Europe

Austria still struggles with labor market inequities

The current figures of Statistics Austria show that 49% of mothers with children under the age of 15 work part-time. An in-depth look at the numbers indicates that women mostly forego full-time work because of children and dependent relatives.
Christine Tragler recommended by Christine Tragler Der Standard, Austria
7 Mar 2018 Austria

Maltese Students Bond with Former Slave Laborers

Ahead of International Women's Day, six Maltese and foreign human trafficking survivors shared their stories as they got their hair done in a unique bridge-building event.
Daiva Repeckaite recommended by Daiva Repeckaite NewsMavens, Malta
6 Mar 2018 Malta

#MeToo in Bosnia -- why every voice matters

When a publisher offered to send his frozen sperm to a female blogger, she made his comments public. A long media silence followed, but when the story finally broke, it triggered tangible change.
Tijana Cvjeticanin recommended by Tijana Cvjeticanin Istinomjer, Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 Mar 2018 Bosnia and Herzegovina
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